Amazon Best Deals and Sales 4x3

Amazon regularly changes prices on its products. 
We’ll update this list regularly with the new discounts as they crop up.
Highlights include eero mesh systems, robotic vacuums, and more.
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If you’re looking for Prime Day 2020 deals, stay tuned. Reports speculate Amazon plans to push the big sales event back to September this year.
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Amazon’s dynamic pricing strategy can make shopping tricky for the average consumer, but if you know where to look⁠ — and when to act fast⁠ — Prime members can save a ton of money.

Prices on products sold on Amazon fluctuate depending on several factors, including stock and interest, in as little as a few minutes. The site does this to ensure that their prices are competitive and, of course, to help boost profits.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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