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The term “Henry” — short for “high earner, not rich yet” — is typically used for millennials in their 30s who earn over $100,000, but who still feel broke.
When lockdown stripped Henrys of some of their favorite splurges, like traveling and entertainment, they finally started to save, two financial experts told Business Insider.
But they’re facing a big challenge during reopening: not succumbing to their old lifestyle.
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Henrys aren’t feeling as strapped for cash as they used to be. 

Short for “high earner, not rich yet,” Henrys are typically millennials in their early 30s who earn over $100,000 and live in urban areas. But it’s their lifestyles that really define the Henrys: They live above their means and struggle to balance their spending habits with saving for the future, leaving them feeling financially strapped.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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