Nigel Farage on LBCLBC

Nigel Farage leaves LBC Radio “with immediate effect.” A spokesperson for the station said his departure came ahead of his scheduled contract renewal. Source at the station told Business Insider his deviation followed intense disquiet among his former colleagues about comments he made this week about Black Lives Matters demonstrators. Farage likened BLM protesters who downed a statue of a slave trader this week. to the Taliban. Informant say the comments indignation BAME staff and others at the station.

Nigel Farage has left his LBC Radio Show with “immediate effect” the station showed on Thursday, amid fury among his former colleagues over statements he made this week about Black Lives Matter protesters.

The Brexit Party leader and ally of Donald Trump had his microphone softened during an appearance on ITV’s Good Morning Britain this week after he likened Black Lives Matter objectors who downed a statue of British slave trader Edward Colston to the Taliban.See the rest of the narrative at Business Insider

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