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Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM) and Microsoft Azure have teamed up in a five-year deal in which JHM will leverage Microsoft’s AI and analytics tools to facilitate precision medicine breakthroughs. This partnership will expand on JHM’s Precision Medicine Analytics Platform — which was built in 2019 in collaboration with Microsoft to facilitate data collection and analysis and help providers improve patient care plans.

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AI could help unlock the full potential of precision medicine to improve health outcomes by accelerating providers’ ability to sift through data to tailor treatment options for patients. For context, precision medicine uses genetic and molecular testing to better predict which particular disease treatment will work best for each patient — instead of using a blanket approach to treatment by recommending therapies that don’t take a patient’s unique biology into account. For example, UCSF experts note that precision medicine will take into account factors like genetic predisposition, ethnicity, sex, and age. But in order for precision medicine to be effective, researchers need to be able to sift through and analyze large sets of data.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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