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White Americans are waking up to the systemic racism that has long been well known by Black Americans, but many of them may just be realizing how pervasive it is, and the role their whiteness plays in it.
Eleanor Hancock, the executive director of nonprofit educational organization White Awake, said that white people need to grapple with their privilege and not give in to inaction.
Instead, they should check out actions for themselves, take on the burden of learning more, and use their power and privilege to create a more equitable workplace.
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June 2020 was the month white Americans woke up to the systemic racism that was no secret to Black Americans, as evidenced by the massive George Floyd protests around the country and the world, and the opinion polls showing a massive swing in public opinion. But many white Americans may also be learning more about the extent to which inequity persists.

The white community has been inactive in listening to Black voices, and it’s on white people to do the work of being anti-racist and actively challenging racist structures, ideals, and systems, according to Eleanor Hancock, executive director and cofounder of White Awake, a nonprofit that provides educational resources on race for white people.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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