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Microsoft and publicizing firm McCann asked the artist Shantell Martin to make a Black Lives Matter mural in Manhattan. In an email, the duo asked Martin to shape the mural this weekend “while the protests are still relevant.” Martin posted a photograph of the email request to Twitter, criticizing the team for insinuating the Black Lives Matter movement won’t be relevant after this weekend. “There are many layers to why it is wrong and we can start to make excuses about why or how this type of email came about, but the bottom line is it is unacceptable and a part of the problem, ” Martin told Insider in a statement via email. Visit Insider’s homepage for more narratives.

Microsoft is under fire after mural artist Shantell Martin divulged an email request the company sent her that insinuated the Black Lives Matter motion was a happen trend.

Martin is a well-known mural artist, famous for her black and white layouts that has already led her to work with suns like Kendrick Lamar. See the rest of the narrative at Business Insider

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