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This conference season feels a bit different, doesn’t it? Where we’re usually globetrotting from event to occurrence, this year most conferences have either deferred their dates or switched to online, remote-friendly formats, offering video conferences by top-notch loudspeakers or live brooks with open chats. But what about everyone’s favorite bonus during discussion season — networking?

Thankfully, all is not lost! With a little ingenuity and virtual elbow grease, you can still forge brand-new professional relationships over an internet communication rather than a cocktail.( And hey , nothing’s stopping you from enjoying a nice, chilly Mozcow Mule or tasty mocktail in your home office space, right ?) In our current reality of social distancing, marketing seminar networking will look different, but it’s not going nowhere. Read on for tips-off on how to effectively network while remote!

Step 1: Look for networking opportunities

Depending on which virtual event you attend, the networking opportunities will search different. Keeping a creative eye out for possibility is crucial to your success!

Live converses

Much like during regular conferences, there are bound to be live chats happening. They may happen on the actual event platform, or they may take place on social media. Some occurrences will be utilized a platform like Zoom that allows observers to chit-chat with each other within the platform, while others may have more of a broadcast format where converses happen on Twitter with a hashtag.

Joining Q& As

A super valuable aspect of conferences is being able to speak to presenters when they are give their talk. Sometimes this happens during a predetermined time slot, such as right after the presentation, or it may happen when you catch them in the foyer or at an event later on. Either way, this time to ask questions about their knowledge and skills is a huge value-add to the experience.

With meetings moving virtual and live chats happening publicly during the presentations, this Q& A hour has shifted a bit. Instead of having to wait for the presentation to be over, in a number of cases, presenters will reply to questions from the live chit-chat as they’re speaking. Some panels are pre-recorded, rendering speakers a chance to interact on various platforms during the event itself. Some occurrences will even have specific “presentations” that are more like facilitated Ask Me Anything-style interviews or panels where questions are taken from the audience and posed to the speaker( s ).

Birds of a Feather discussions

Many conferences will give some sort of industry or concept specific dialogue facilitation. For instance, at MozCon, we host Birds of a Feather discussions. These discussions are manager up by an industry professional and have predetermined topics such as EAT, AI, Gutenberg, etc. Other times, these speeches may be organized and manager up by attendees.

In a virtual fixed, these will likely be smaller breakout groups applying some sort of video chat application. Zoom, specifically, has created a space for seminars to organize these “breakout sessions” in advance.

Birds of a Feather discussions are one of the best ways to connect as there is a common ground established from the get-go. These. Are. Your. People. Contacts here will likely be the most valuable.

Step 2: Get active

No matter where the chit-chats are happening, be sure you’re a part of them! The more you interact, the more likely people are to recognize your name when you reach out after the occurrence. The only careful here is that you have to be sure your interactions are meaningful — don’t merely commentary clapping hands. Add something to the conversation.

Add insight

The best thing about people is that we’re all different and have fresh perspectives to bring to the table. Don’t be afraid to add on to someone’s thinks.

Let’s use a merriment example. If person says that the most wonderful mascot hug ever was from Mickey Mouse at Disneyland, you may jump in and ask if they’ve ever satisfied Roger MozBot, famed hugger and robot dancer extraordinaire. Or you could build on the dream by saying something like, “Mickey is a great hugger, I think it’s because he goes over instead of under! ”

In both of these instances, you’ve joined the conversation and added value.

Add clarification

Speakers often try to fit a lot of information into a relatively short timeframe. That said, questions will likely have appeared in the live chit-chats. This could quite easily be your time to shine! If you’ve got knowledge to share, feel free to answer the question to the best of your ability and try to add clarification.

This is absolutely one of the best ways to position yourself as key experts and kind a relationship with someone you’ve never satisfied. It allows you to prove you’re knowledgable and give the person something they value for free.

Add generators

Whether you are asking a question, answering issues and questions, or just sounding in with added revelation, adding resources in conversation is extremely beneficial. This could mean that you recommend a tool, person or persons, or an clause connection. These resources for the other spectators can be extremely beneficial and help you establish your credibility.

Now, we don’t hint trying to come up with a source for everything, but if you have one right off of the top of your head, plummeting a connection in the chat may truly help someone.

BONUS: Add people on social

While this one’s not necessarily about adding importance per se, it is about adding. Adding influencers, presenters, or other attendees after interacting with them( even though they are briefly) may increase your chances of getting a follow-back or accepted entreaty as you’ll still be top of head. Try to add people no later than 24 hours after your last-place interaction, and consider sending a friendly “hey! ” with a mention about what you spoke about to keep the connection fresh.

Step 3: Perfect your follow-up

After connecting with people during the online conference, you’ll want to follow up with them and stay in touch.

The most important part of following up is the first impression. You don’t want to come right out of the gate with a request of any sort. Instead, look to build a relationship first. This could entail shooting a quick follow-up message recapping your speech with the person, telling them that you realized their occasion and that you look forward to more conversations.

After sending your initial follow-up, be sure to interact with the person at least formerly a week to stay top-of-mind. This is easiest on social media as you are eligible to like, remark, share their content, and rest assured that your name is showing up in their notifications. However, direct contents, emails, and even phone calls are sure was most impactful.

The best thing you can do when following up is to stick to what you’re most comfortable with and be consistent while continuing to add value.

Have fun and be yourself!

The number-one thing you have to offer is yourself. Your experiences attain you unique and others can learn from that! So when you are connecting with others, only remember to be yourself. And lastly, have fun! Networking is meant to be fun as it gives you the opportunity to connect with others and build a community. Embrace that connection and enjoy it.

Networking at MozCon Virtual

Every year, we hear from attendees about how networking is one of their favorite parts of the conference. We built sure to keep it an integral part of this year’s virtual occurrence, too — check out all the ways you can connect with orators, industry experts, attendees, and remembered commanders at MozCon Virtual 2020!

In-session Q& A chat

Mid-presentation, pop into the Q& A chat with your real-time questions and get them answered by loudspeakers. You’ll also be able to chat with other attendees about the contents, render your own revelations, and participate in real-time virtual convos about its present session and topic. Orators will be available to answer questions during the course of its planned session times, so it’s a perfect opportunity to get clarification, further insight, or forge those all-important contacts!

Customizable profiles: Interests, personal bio, labels, and more

Attendees can search for like-minded folks with similar interests based on what you add to your profile when signing in. You is able to upload your photo, develop your biography, add specific interests and tags, and reach out to those you’d like to follow up with.

Create your own “Want-to-Meet” list

Browse attendee profiles and click “want to meet” when you find person you’d like to reach out to later. With your personal contact info safely disguised, this is a great way to find and get found by those looking forward to brand-new knack, professional partnerships, debate sidekicks, and more. Build your roll ahead of time, then review in-platform and are to be achieved when you’re ready!

Schedule 1:1 meetings

After connecting with someone, you can easily send a meeting request to the tribes you’ve connected with to chit-chat live outside of the bigger group discussions. Your invited guest can choose to accept or wane the invite, and all 1:1 gathers occur directly within the conference platform’s meeting rooms, making for easy facilitation!

Birds of a Feather “table” discussions

Birds of a Feather lunch tables are one of the biggest MozCon reaches year after year, and we didn’t want anyone to miss out! We’ll facilitate 30 -minute-long group discussions each day of the conference for you to connect with those interested in specific topics via video and audio chat. Each discussion will be led by an industry commander, giving you all the opportunity to say “hey” to the folks whose job you admire and cooperated with them on suggestions, beliefs, obstacles you’ve faced, and more.

We’re super agitated about all the networking possibilities at MozCon Virtual — at $129 per ticket, it’s an incredible value for developing your digital marketing skillset and your job 😛 TAGEND

Get my ticket to MozCon Virtual !

Let us know your own best virtual networking gratuities in the comments. We hope to see you at MozCon this July 14& 15!

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