5 Ways to Make Sure Your Facebook Advertising Shines During the Coronavirus

As just about every recent email signoff says, these are some “strange and uncertain times.” But one thing is certain: more people at home entails more people online.

According to The New York Times, daily Facebook traffic rocketed up by 27% since the beginnings of the coronavirus crisis in the United Commonwealth. Many labels are creating a strategy to take advantage of this increased traffic while remaining tactful and empathetic to consumers.

It’s a fine line to walk. You want to spread the good word about your business, but you likewise want to keep a clean conscience and maintain a positive brand image.

Striking that balance is possible if you take the privilege approach.

Why focus on Facebook?

Statistics from Hootsuite show that Facebook has 2.5 billion monthly users. Advertisers can reach 1.95 billion of those consumers. That’s nearly a third of the global population! And because Facebook is on the increase during COVID-1 9, you can’t afford to not focus on Facebook right now.

However, yours isn’t the only company taking advantage of increased traffic. There will be a lot of rival in the coming months. That’s why your Facebook ads must stand out from the crowd.

Start with these 5 ways to make sure your Facebook advertising glistens during coronavirus.

1. Create Ads that increase Lead Generation

A recent Wall Street Journal clause revealed that the cost of publicizing on Facebook is dropping. Sounds great, right? But there’s a catch.

Conversion rates are also dropping. This means that even if you increase your ad spend to take advantage of the lower CPM, your transition rates likely won’t increase.

This doesn’t mean you should give up on effective ads. It only means you should pivot your strategy to focus less on changeover and more on collecting emails from leadings.

Change your Facebook promotion category from “Get More Website Visitors” to “Get More Leads.” When customers see your ads, the ads will stimulate them to enter their contact info instead of converting on your website. 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Facebook Advertising Shines During the Coronavirus

Prompting consumers to fill in their info instead of pressuring them to convert is a better tactic to use now that all conversion rates are down. It also stimulates you seem less pushy.

I know it may be difficult to pull away from conversion-based strategies for a while, but it’s the best way to take advantage of the current situation.

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2. Use Passion and Purpose to Connect with People

This is not a normal occasion. If you try to go on with business as usual, potential customers could see your brand as tone-deaf.

This is the last thing you crave. Instead of trying to keep up a front of normality, don’t be afraid to show a little vulnerability.

Some companies shared pictures of their employees working from dwelling or released a heartfelt content from one of their executives. Others converted some of their facilities to create protective gear for healthcare workers. Many companies passed fundraising campaigns to support the cause.

An ad( or even just a post) about an effort like this can make it easier for consumers to relate to and trust your label.

Additionally, see this as a period when your brand can step up. People are struggling because of this pandemic. There may be something you can do to help.

An article from McKinsey& Company words it this mode: “Is this the moment when purposeful companies demonstrate how to use profits for good or that shows how everything a company does can be for good? ”

Personally, I feel how companies behave during this time is very telling. Their true nature comes out when they’re under pressure.

So, what is your company’s true nature? How can your company use earnings for good? What can your company do to show that it cares?

As an example, take a look at this ad from eco-friendly shoe manufacturer Allbirds:

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Facebook Advertising Shines During the Coronavirus

This ad does 3 things is a good one: 1. Clearly states exactly how the company helped people in need. 2. Explains that the company will continue to help. 3. Invites consumers to join in by acquiring or donating.

While your company may not be able to distribute half a million dollars’ worth of shoes, you can definitely find a way to help, be demonstrated that you is still continuing helping, and invite people to join you in your mission.

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3. Providing information& Lean Into the Moment

You may think constant citations to COVID-1 9 annoy people, but the data says otherwise. This graph from ViralSpace.ai shows the increased performance of coronavirus-related posts 😛 TAGEND

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Facebook Advertising Shines During the Coronavirus

This doesn’t mean that the posts have to be virus-focused or dreary. A negative flavor- not the subject itself- may be what consumers are really tired of.

Again, this tactic is about striking a balance. Lean in, but don’t come off as an opportunist.

Check out some of these recent apparel ads to see what I signify:

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Facebook Advertising Shines During the Coronavirus

437 Swimwear subtly references stay-at-home orders by asking, “Who needs the beach? ”

Everlane highlightings the kind of comfy loungewear that people operating from home have been living in 24/7.

Nike more directly address the questions by stating that “Now more than ever, we are one team.” They also give workout videos on their app that are perfect for when you’re stuck at home.

None of these Facebook ads even use the words “coronavirus” or “COVID-1 9. ” Yet, they all speak to a population of consumers who are staying at home and in need of an store.

Even though this is a frightening time, customers crave you to see them and recognize what they’re going through. You can’t ignore it. Leaning into the moment is the better option. Brainstorm behaviors that your business can be relatable without inevitably mentioning the pandemic. The content could outperform your other ads and posts.

If you’re skeptical, employ Facebook’s A/ B testing feature to immediately compare a coronavirus-related ad to a regular ad. Then let the information is your guidebook.

Finally, make sure to use landing page software to pair your awesome ads with COVID-friendly messaging.

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4. Use Humor to Increase Engagement

As you can tell from the growing number of coronavirus memes, people are using humor to cope with this situation. As long as you’re tactful about it, your business can use some humor, too.

Light sarcasm, puns, or subtle pop culture citations can connect with your audience in a unique mode. If this fits your brand’s voice, it could be even more effective.

Reformation and Bonobos struck the right chord with the humor in their Facebook ads: 5 Ways to Make Sure Your Facebook Advertising Shines During the Coronavirus

While you’re likewise looking forward to “the blest day you get to leave the house, ” try adding this kind of humor to your company’s Facebook advertising strategy. A little satire could even help humanize your brand.

Be careful not to go overboard, though. A bad joke can lead to some horrible advertisement.

To avoid that kind of mistake, have some of your coworkers, friends, or household give your ad print a “sensitivity read.” They’ll tell you if the humor doesn’t land privilege.

5. Use Lookalike Audiences That Optimize for Ltv.

Because conversion rates are low right now, you need to be precise and optimize for median order value by picking off high LTV customers. Use LTV develops Facebook’s most effective version of lookalike audiences.

When you use LTV, you target potential customers that look like your most valuable patrons.

Look at it this direction. Say you have two customers: one who spent $50, and one who spend $500. LTV helps you target people who look more like the $500 client than the $50 one.

Especially now, when conversion rates are low, you need to focus on capturing a high-value audience. This guide on Growth Marketing Pro can teach you how to implement LTV for better-performing lookalike audiences on Facebook.

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Facebook Advertising Shines During the Coronavirus

Once you start targeting an audience that’s similar to your highest-value customers, your leadings will be more qualified. Your email list will fill up with most valuable potential clients, and your future conversion rates could prove it.


Coronavirus slowed down the real world, but the online world evidences no signs of stopping. In fact, it’s obvious that life online is accelerating progress.

These tactics will help you take this unprecedented occasion and turn it into an unprecedented change in your Facebook advertising strategies.

Take advantage of low CPM with make focused ads. Do something positive for those struggling. Lean in and show that you know how things have changed. Use a little humor. And don’t forget to use lookalike audiences that optimize for LTV, so you merely attract the most valuable potential customers.

Want to go beyond Facebook ads to step up your digital marketing play during coronavirus?

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