FightCamp is an at-home workout system that simulates a sweat-inducing boxing session.
The individual setup packages offer a free-standing punching bag, set of boxing gloves, punch trackers, and hand wraps — and a $39 monthly subscription fee grants access to live-streamed and pre-recorded workouts.
The workouts are a great source for full-body, high-intensity workouts, especially for those looking to change up their at-home routine.
I tried the service to see if it’s worth it and found it to be incredibly fun to use while providing an excellent workout. 

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Updated on 6/12/2020 by Rick Stella: Revised the review copy to include more on working out at home and what else is available, updated the pricing of each FightCamp package, and checked all links and formatting. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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