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On Saturday BTS, the widely popular Korean pop group with a rabid fanbase across the world, tweeted an anniversary message to fans from an iPhone before quickly deleting the post.
BTS has a prominent partnership with Samsung and reshared the post from an Android device moments later.
The short-lived mistake was instantly picked up by the group’s active internet fanbase and shared thousands of times.
The group has featured its latest Galaxy Z Flip phone heavily in music videos and other promoted posts.
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Internet veterans may recall one of the most memorable spon-con gaffes — or at least it was, prior to Saturday. Alicia Keys, a creative director for phone maker Blackberry, was tweeting from an iPhone back in 2013. She left her role with Blackberry shortly after.

But Keys’ mistake was overshadowed on Saturday when the internationally beloved Korean pop group BTS made a similar error. The group tweeted an anniversary message to fans from an iPhone before quickly deleting the post and resharing it from an Android device, according to screenshots posted by BTS fans.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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