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Tech billionaire Todd McKinnon has announced he is disassociating himself from the fitness organization Crossfit after its founder made offensive statements about George Floyd.
The Okta CEO has been a very public supporter of Crossfit for years. In 2017, he even competed in its premiere competition that ranked him among the fittest people of all men his age.
Since Crossfit founder Greg Glassman’s statements about Floyd and COVID-19 on Sunday, the fallout has been swift and severe. Crossfit has lost sponsors, employees, athletes, and at least 1,000 affiliate gyms so far, and counting.
And now, it’s publicly lost the support of one its wealthy Silicon Valley advocates.
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Todd McKinnon, the billionaire cofounder and CEO of cloud security company Okta, is known in Silicon Valley as a very fit person thanks to his love of Crossfit.

For instance, in 2017, the same year that McKinnon took Okta public, he competed in the big annual Crossfit games and was crowned the 14th fittest man on earth in his 45-to-49 age group. He can handstand walk across an entire room and has been known to do so on request to liven up a meeting. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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