FILE PHOTO: Two Airbus A320neo airplanes of German carrier Lufthansa are parked as air traffic is affected by the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), in Frankfurt, Germany, March 23, 2020. Arne DedertReuters

Germany’s Lufthansa hard hit specially hard by the pandemic, reporting loss of around$ 1 million per hour. The 67 -year-old flag carrier relaunched in 1953 after the dissolution of its initial iteration after World War II. During its tenure in the world’s skies, Lufthansa has established itself as one of the world’s conducting payment labels. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more narratives.

Germany’s largest airline is in trouble.

Like most world carriers, Lufthansa has acquired itself bleeding fund as its planes sit idle at airfields in all regions of the country. The novel coronavirus can actually crippled its core business which, as a flag carrier, including bringing people to and from Germany, a country under lockdown with its breath borders largely closed.

Demand for Lufthansa’s secondary focus, applying its hub airfields in Frankfurt and Munich as intercontinental connecting points, has also evaporated as few travelers venture outside their own country for fear of contracting the virus or being stranded abroad.

Though initially believed to be financially sound in the event of a downturn, the unique circumstances created by the pandemic has been particularly detrimental to larger airlines, Lufthansa included. Business Insider Deutschland recently are of the view that the airline is losing$ 1 million per hour as its primary revenue earners are grounded with little ability to generate any income besides flying cargo.

The past few months have heard the airline control some flights, typically flying drain to the furthest outposts of the world such as Christchurch, New Zealand, and bringing stranded Germans back home, as well freight procedures on passenger planes. But the airline may now be dependent on its government for a lifeline.

Take a are looking at the famed German airline.

Lufthansa in its present form was first established in 1953 as Aktiengesellschaft fur Luftverkehrsbedarf, approximately carried to “public limited corporation for aviation needs, ” also known as Luftag. Reuters

Source: Lufthansa Group

The first iteration of the company dates back to 1926 but that was shuttered by the Allied Powers after taking control of West Germany. Like most, the first Lufthansa arose out of a need to quickly connect cities for the transport of mail and people. Alfred Eisenstaedt/ The LIFE Picture Collection/ Getty

Source: Lufthansa Group and Periscope Film

After purchasing the former company’s crane trademark and adopting its blue-blooded and yellowish colourings in 1954, Luftag began going by Lufthansa. OKER/ Hady Khandani/ ullstein bild/ Getty

Source: Lufthansa Group

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