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Hedge fund outlook in healthcare stocks reached a record 10 percentage points overweight compared to the Russell 3000 index, Goldman Sachs said Friday. The spin was primarily fueled by soaring interest in biotech calls. Recent weeks have seen investors pile into corporations racing to introduce the first coronavirus treatment. Positioning has moved forward more crowded both within and across funds in the second quarter, Goldman added, as managers revolve so far toward proliferation inventories and defensive plays. Visit the Business Insider homepage for more narratives.

Hedge funds are reaching record levels of exposure to healthcare stocks as the coronavirus pandemic furies on, Goldman Sachs said Friday.

The sector sits 10 percentage points overweight across hedge funds compared to the Russell 3000 sector, the bank added, stimulating it “the worlds largest” favored industry among managers. Funds monitored by Goldman are nearly 25% concentrated in healthcare equities, with tech corporations following with a 20% weighting.See the rest of the tale at Business Insider

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