Mexico cityAP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

More than 4,500 death certificates in Mexico City have coronavirus or COVID-19 referenced on it, the Associated Press reported.
Officials only counted 1,322 deaths from the virus. 
Mexico City officials told The New York Times that government officials’ data was inaccurate. 
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While the Mexican federal government has reported only 1,332 in Mexico City, death certificates in the city suggest that 4,577 have died from the virus, more than three times the official number, the Associated Press reported. 

Doctors mentioned coronavirus as a “possible or probable” cause of death on the more than 4,500 death certificates, according to the anti-corruption group Mexicans Against Corruption, which told the AP they got access to a database of death certificates issued in Mexico City between March 18 and May 12.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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