It’s been approximately a month now since the Coronavirus started to flip our lives upside down.

From having to practice social distancing and getting used to life without the outdoors to continually laundering our hands and wearing disguises and verifying loved ones and friends get sick, the Coronavirus is something none of us expected.

Even our jobs are suffering. Just look at the Coronavirus marketing stats I shared a few weeks ago. The the findings are devastating.

It’s why I decided to change Ubersuggest and make it more free to help small and medium-sized businesses out.

Since then a lot has changed and there are new opportunities that have come around when it comes to your online business and marketing activities.

Opportunity# 1: Help others selflessly

My ad agency has millions of clients around the world. We lost a ton, but we still have enough to see trends in what’s happening.

When I envisioned firms starting to lose a lot of fund, I decided to give more of Ubersuggest’s premium features for free. That necessitates it would take me much longer to break even, but that isn’t something I am worried about right now.

Take look at the image below … you’ll see anything interesting.

The chart breaks down how many free-trial signups Ubersuggest has received throughout the past month.

Keep in psyche, brand-new patrons means free experiments … a large portion of free-trial consumers doesn’t convert into paying patrons but still, the more experiments you get in theory, the more paid clients you will eventually get.

As you can see, the chart is declining. That’s because I opened up more of Ubersuggest’s paid the characteristics and constructed them free.

What’s interesting is you( and other community members) helped reinforcement me.

The moment I blogged about more features being been set up for free, many of you decided to purchase a paid subscription.

I received dozens of emails from the marketing community thanking me and letting me know that they realize everything that I was doing AND they purchased a pay plan to help me out.

Now awarded, in general signups are down, but that’s what happens when you decide to give away more for free. I didn’t do it because I am trying to leveraging Coronavirus or gaze good, instead, I am just trying to help people out just like I’ve been luck enough to have had people help me out during my occasions of need.

But here is what’s interesting … my traffic started to go up on Ubersuggest the moment I told everyone that I am imparting more away for free.

I’m not the only one who experienced this.

Eric Siu decided to give away a course that teaches people how to start a marketing agency for free( he usually accuses $1,497) and a bit more than 250 people have taken Eric up on his offer.

This has led Eric to gain more social media devotees and it’s given him the chance to do a webinar about his product/ services to a new audience of 50, 000 people.

Similar to me, Eric wasn’t trying to do this to gain anything, he is just trying to help people out.

I also know someone in the health space who did something similar and one person in the employment space.

They all meet the indirect benefits of helping people out.

In all cases that I have envisioned, the research results is more traffic.

With your website and business, consider what you can give away for free. Anything you can do to help people out is appreciated, especially during this difficult time. You’ll likewise find that it will drive you more visitors, which is a nice indirect benefit.

Opportunity# 2: Paid ads are genuinely, truly cheap

The latest tendency we are seeing is that paid ads are becoming cheaper.

It induces sense because the way these big-hearted ad networks make money is through an auction system. They need small businesses to drive up the cost per click( CPC) for ads so that route the big-hearted, billion-dollar corporations “re going to have to” invest more money on ads.

If you don’t have as many small and medium-sized businesses advertising( like we are experiencing now) there isn’t as much competition for the inventorying, so the cost per click decrease.

But the virus has been making us to spend more period online, so much better so that companies like Netflix have had to reduce their streaming quality to help.

In other words, traffic on the web is up and there are fewer advertisers. This necessitates ads are cheaper.

Now we are also learn transitions rates plunging in certain industries, but nowhere near at the same rate as the CPCs.

When we average things out per industry and globally, we are seeing paid ads producing a much higher ROI than before the Coronavirus hit. Just look at the chart below.

Our clients, in general, have ensure their ROI go from 31% to 53%. That’s a 71% expanded in ROI.

If you haven’t tried paid ads yet, you should consider it. If you do, consider ramping up as there is more excess inventory than there has been in years.

Opportunity# 3: Transitions are down, but there’s a solution

For many industries, conversion rates are down. Here’s a quick snapshot of what it looked like right after the first large-hearted week in the United States.

Since then, things have changed. For some industries, it has gotten better, but for others like trip, it’s still horrible and will be for a while. Delta Airline is currently burning $ 60 million a day.

But we procured a solution that has boosted changeover rates by 12% on average.

If you are a store selling something online, consider provide payment plans through services like Affirm.

Payment schemes reduce the financial burden your customers will face in the short run.

And you don’t have to be an e-commerce company to leverage payment plans. If you are selling consulting services, you can accept money over a period of a year.

If you are selling ebooks or digital courses, you are able to have a monthly installment plan.

When I sold digital products on, I found that roughly 19% of people opted in for my payment plan.

It’s an easy way to boost your conversion rates, especially in a time where many people are looking to reduce their cash invest in the short term.

Opportunity# 4: Offer educational based develop

If you are looking for a good opportunity, consider selling your audience educational based courses.

With unemployment numbers reaching all-time highs, more people than ever “re looking for” brand-new opportunities.

Many of these opportunities are in realms like high-tech that not everyone has experience in.

And, of course, going back to school is likely to be expensive and is time-consuming. Plus, let’s face it … you can probably learn more applicable knowledge on YouTube than to participate in a college class for 4 years( at least for most professions ).

So, where do people go to learn? Any online education website provide very specific, niche advice and courses.

Whether that is Udemy or you are selling your own courses, people are looking for help.

If you don’t know how to sell online courses in mass quantity, follow this. I break it down step by step and even give you the templates you need to be successful. It’s the same ones I used to reach over $381,722 a few months in sales.

Opportunity# 5: Geography diversification

COVID-1 9 is a global issue. But it is affecting some countries worse than others.

For example, South Korea has had better luck controlling the spread of the virus compared to many other countries.

And countries like the United State and Italy have exploded in daily cases.

With over 84, 000 new cases a day and growing quickly, the spread of the virus or the slowdown of the virus can affect your traffic drastically.

For that reason, you should consider diversifying the regions you get your traffic from.

Through international SEO, you can quickly gain more traffic and be less reliant on one country’s economy.

For example, here is my traffic swing for my SEO traffic in the United Commonwealth over the last few months.

The US traffic is slowly starting to climb back. It’s still not back to where it was during my all-time highs, but it’s not as low-pitched as when the Coronavirus firstly made the United States.

On the flip side, our traffic in Brazil has been going through the roof.

We haven’t varied our strategy, it’s not algorithm pertained … we haven’t induced more content than usual … we’ve just seen an increase.

We are also starting to see a nice increase in India.

By translating your content for other regions and leveraging international SEO, you can quickly grow your traffic.

Sure, it may take 6 months to a year to start understand outcomes in the United Government, but that isn’t the occurrence with regions like Brazil where there isn’t as much competition.

If you trying to achieve similar makes to me, follow my global SEO strategy. It is to work … only look at the images above.


Sadly, the next few months are going to get worse. The daily counting of brand-new Coronavirus victims is growing.

From a personal standpoint, all you can do is stay indoors and practice social distancing.

But from a marketing, business, and job perspective, you can make a change.

You should have more day now( sadly ), so use it to your advantage. Put in the effort so you can grow, that direction you’ll come out of the Coronavirus stronger.

So which one of the above opportunities are you going to implement firstly?

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