The unique nature of the pandemic means the economic downturn could impact working women for decades

Rebecca Wilkie is used to running a fund. The single mother of two daughters knows what it is to keep one eye on the bank balance. After being endure down as a full occasion Qantas flight attendant at the end of March, however, its own budget is tighter still. “Life was a struggle for us before the pandemic, to be honest, ” she says.

She is managing. But catching up on the mortgage payments after the initial aid extremities, and paying for the greater utility statutes when they come through, worry her. She’s hoping, and expecting, that after 18 times at the airline, a position will be waiting for her once jobkeeper stops and the recovery begins.

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Not merely have women lost their jobs, they have lost the low level of income they did have

Women are much more vulnerable as a group because they are disproportionately were engaged in industries that will face ongoing challenges

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