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This week Amazon warehouse workers lost a $2 pay bump brought in to reward them for coming in during the coronavirus pandemic.
Amazon has now phased out two major policies brought in to protect workers, the other being that they could take unlimited amounts of unpaid time off without being penalized.
The apparent return to normalcy is at odds with the experiences of warehouse workers who told Business Insider they still feel in danger coming to work.
Amazon said its starting wage was higher than competitors in retail, and that it had paid out approximately $800 million extra to staff since the beginning of the pandemic.
CEO Jeff Bezos maintains his position as the world’s richest person, with his fortune nearing $150 billion.
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The coronavirus pandemic is not over, but Amazon this week ended some of the emergency incentives it introduced to encourage its 250,000 warehouse staffers to come into work.

The retail giant initially struggled to cope with a sudden spike in online orders brought on by coronavirus lockdowns around the world, and during its first-quarter earnings call the company announced it had seen its highest sales growth in over three years. But three months into lockdown, Amazon seems to have got a handle on its operationsSee the rest of the story at Business Insider

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