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US stock indicators climbed on Tuesday as gradual reopenings across several states and an extended oil rally boosted investor optimism. West Texas Intermediate crude oil soared as much as 22%, to $24.85 per barrel, pushing its rally into a fifth day and recognizing a sharp-worded backlash from its late-April lows. Watch major indexes update live here.

US equities climbed on Tuesday as gradual reopenings throughout the country and a five-day oil rally hoisted investor sentiments.

West Texas Intermediate crude for June delivery soared as much as 22%, to $24.85 per cask. The beleaguered merchandise has more than doubled from its April 21 lows as global demand has begun to recover. Brent crude, oil’s international benchmark, clambered as much as 14%, to $31.12 per barrel.See the rest of the narrative at Business Insider

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