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If you use Instagram for your business, you want your posts to catch a customer’s attention within a couple seconds before they scroll away.

Whether your business is closed during the pandemic, adapting to the times, or preparing to reopen, engaging your audience on Instagram is critical to staying in tune with your customers. And if you focus on new ways to market your brand, you could acquire more followers and new customers. 

Business Insider spoke to entrepreneurs and first-time founders to find out what apps, tools, and guidelines they recommend to master Instagram marketing and gain followers. 

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There are a number of extra apps that can help to create, edit, and plan your photos and videos more effectively. Apps like Planoly and Preview help schedule posts ahead of time, while apps like Lightroom and VSCO edit photos to look professional and vibrant. 

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Partner with influencers for under $50K
Courtesy of Amra and Elma Beganovich

Business Insider spoke to influencer marketing expert Elma Beganovich on how to navigate the industry. She gave us tips on the five types of influencers, how much they cost, and getting loyal customers to build your network.

Beganovich suggested starting small — don’t go after celebrities and macro-influencers until you’ve established your brand and following.

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Work with ‘micro-influencers’ to hype your products and boost annual sales
Courtesy of Casely

The millennial cofounders of phone-case startup Casely started their Instagram account three months before launching any products. This gave them a chance to gain followers, build relationships with influencers, and get feedback on their designs.

Casely made just over $10 million in sales in 2019 and currently has 109,000 followers on Instagram.

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