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Scott Cohen, of technology hub New Lab, teamed up with engineers, medical experts, designers, and FDA regulators to hasten a 10 -year-old idea for a low-cost ventilator into New York infirmaries. FDA permission for ventilators usually takes at least a year, but amidst fears of a ventilator dearth, the Spiro Wave was approved in 30 days. The Spiro Wave is not a substitute for a traditional ventilator, but offers an opportunity to patients struggling to breathe on their own, acting as a bridge ventilator. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more narratives.

Scott Cohen had coldness, headaches, feelings of tirednes, and a fever, all the usual hallmarks of a mild case of COVID-1 9. Like many New York occupants, he hadn’t been diagnosed, but he and his wife had most of the symptoms.

The CDC’s public admonition was to stay hydrated and rest, but Cohen couldn’t. It was mid-March and he was working on the Spiro Wave, a machine which he hoped would help the city as it scrambled in the face of a significant ventilator shortage — a situation physicians in Italy had been warning about for weeks.See the rest of the tale at Business Insider

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