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A pet puppy was quarantined in Hong Kong after testing positive for a low level of the coronavirus, although it evidences no symptoms. Hong Kong health officials and the World Health Organization both say there is no evidence that pets like the bag of cats and hounds can be infected by the virus, or spread it to humen. Nonetheless, Hon Kong officials recommend that any mammal pets owned by infected patients are “ve brought” for quarantine and testing. Thousands of pets have been abandoned in cities under quarantine in China as proprietors are unable to return. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more tales.

A pet dog has been quarantined in Hong kong residents after testing positive for a low level of the coronavirus, even though officials say that there is no evidence that pets can get infected or can spread the virus to humans.

The dog was quarantined in an animal center after get a “weak positive” result in a test for the disease COVID-1 9. See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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