When selecting a blender for your kitchen, you’re going to want one that’s powerful enough to do whatever job you need, whether it’s creating a simple smoothie or vanquishing ice. The Calphalon Auto-Speed Blender is the best one you can buy with its powerful motor, decent price tag, and easy-to-use preset blending functions.

A blender seems like a simple kitchen tool, and for the most part, it is. Blenders give you a variety of defines to assist you achieve the consistency you need for a particular recipe. And even if you don’t use it specifically for cooking, a blender is essential when you want to whip up, say, kale smoothies or homemade vanilla milkshakes.

Although blenders all seem to perform the same task, there are a few different types, each with its own unique aspects: conventional, multi-function, personal, and immersion.

A conventional blender is the most common type for use in your home kitchen; it can perform a variety of purposes from constructing soup to blending smoothies. Multi-function, professional-style blenders have powerful engines and are often used in restaurants. Finally, there’s the personal blender, which is a small appliance that stirs single servings and may run from a battery for portability. We left submersion blenders( likewise called hand blenders) off of this list because they have their own comprehensive buying steer, which you can check out here.

When choosing a blender, “ve been thinking about” how you want to use it. The motor is the most important part of any blender, and the highest the wattage, the better the performance. Always get a blender with a engine that’s more than 500 watts. If you want to establish frozen liquors, you may need one with 1,000 watts of power.

You’ll likewise want to look at the type of blades on each blender. Some blenders have blades shaped for solid objects like frost, while others are better equipped for blending softer foods. Stainless steel blades are best. The size and substance of the blender jar are also key factors, as is the tightness of the lid.

Here are the best blenders you can buy:

Best blender overall: Calphalon Auto-Speed Blender Best fund blender: KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender Best high-power blender: Ninja Professional Blender BL660 Best professional-style blender: Vitamix 750 Best vacuum blender: Breville Super Q Blender and Vac Q attachment Best personal blender: Breville Boss to Go Sport

Prices and links current as of 1/23/ 2020.

The best blender overall Calphalon

True to its call, the Calphalon Auto-Speed Blender automatically feels the remedy hasten for the ingredients you’re blending and can be used for smoothies, dips, and milkshakes.

The Calphalon Auto-Speed Blender has four preset parts, 10 adjustable speedings, and a 1100 -watt motor that automatically feels the thickness of your parts. It applies the influence necessary so all the manual guess-work is taken out of blending, attaining it convenient to use and ensuing in a great final product whether you’re making a smoothie or a salsa.

Having tested this blender myself, I can personally attest to how well it works. Call me a creature of habit, but my morning smoothie is an almost daily ritual — one that’s been going on for close to eight years now — so a high-quality blender I be able to count on is a must.

I set the Calphalon Auto-Speed through its gaits, and it’s held up well to daily use, resulting in thick, silky smoothies. I can tell you firsthand how disagreeable it is to encounter an unexpected spinach foliage or clump of banana in a poorly mixed smoothie, but that hasn’t happened formerly since I’ve started use this blender.

The Calphalon Auto-Speed can do much more than construct smoothies, which stimulates it a great multi-purpose tool to have on your kitchen counter. The heartbeat aspect allows for food prep and chopping — and outcomes in a great salsa. There is still four preset parts for plunges, milkshakes, frozen drinks, and smoothies as well as adjustable velocities for more hands-on control.

I especially like the addition of the reverse pulse button which helps draw the ingredients further down into the blade if necessary to prevent any jams, ensuing in a smooth mixture. The 6-point stainless steel blades are both durable and easy to clean thanks to the way they’re angled.

Each part of the blender that attaches to the base is also dishwasher safe for further convenience. I’ve cleansed each of these personas in our own dishwasher multiple times with no issue.

With such a powerful motor, this blender is much quieter than I expected. It’s by no means silent, but it’s much less deafening than others I’ve used in the past, stirring it a little less grating to listen to in the morning if you’re a breakfast smoothie fanatic like myself.

When blending, you can either use the 2-Liter pitcher for larger quantities, or the convenient 25 -ounce Blend-N-Go Jar for single-serving-sized smoothies and boozes. While I liked applying the Blend-N-Go Jar, I did find the drinking lid that comes with it slightly awkward to use. It prevented any spills, but the attached cap was sometimes more of a nuisance than anything else.

As far as quality and ease of use go, I was not disappointed. The eyelids to both the pitcher and the jar seal tightly, and I had no issues with any splatter or divulging while merging. The blade attachment fits readily onto the base and removes just as easily when you’re finished blending.

While this blender is on the expensive back, if it’s a tool you know you’ll be using often, it’s a worthwhile investment that you’ll be able to rely on for durability, great answers, and ease of use. Presets and speeds is regulated by a dial on the front that’s clearly labeled, and you can start, intermission, pulsing and reverse pulse at the push of a button.

The easy to read digital interface is also a nice touch, demonstrating you how long you’ve been mixing, or counting down to the finish if you decide to use one of the preset purposes. — Kylie Joyner

Pros: 1100 -watt motor that automatically senses parts and adjusts for best outcomes, four preset functions, 10 adjustable accelerations, easy to clean, aspects durable stainless steel blades, comes with a Blend-N-Go jar for added convenience

Cons: On the expensive back, lid that goes with smoothie cup is slightly awkward to use

The best fund blender KitchenAid

The KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender is a solid, affordable blender that are in a position attain soups and smoothies easily.

Although you certainly can invest the thousands of dollars on a blender, you don’t have to if you only want an occasional smoothie, soup, or mixed dessert. I’ve owned the KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender for several years, and it’s still going strong.

The Die Cast Metal Base is sturdy, so it doesn’t shake as it blends, which is something that a lot of inexpensive blenders tend to do. Although it’s not as powerful as many of the blenders in our guidebook, the KitchenAid has a perfectly capable motor that helps the stainless steel blades blend just about anything with little effort.

KitchenAid’s Intelli-Speed Motor Control tech ensures that parts are mixed evenly. The 56 -ounce BP-AFree pitcher is easy to cleanse, as is the two-piece lid. Times of use haven’t harmed the sturdy plastic pitcher or the lid, which still accommodates snugly.

Expert reviewers praise the KitchenAid blender, too, quoting its low price as the main attraction. CNET and Good Housekeeping were impressed with it, and Wirecutter also recommends it as very best budget blender. — Malarie Gokey

Pros: Sturdy, affordable, stirs good smoothies, decent motor, five speeds

Cons: Not as powerful as others

The best high-power blender Ninja

The affordable Ninja Professional Blender delivers plenty of influence to vanquish frost and blend a range of parts to create perfect smoothies each time.

If you’re looking to create great-tasting smoothies at home, you’ll want a blender with plenty of strength to ensure the ingredients are well mingled and delivered at the desired texture. The Ninja Professional Blender has the features needed to pulverize ice and generate the highest quality smoothies possible.

It boastings 1,100 watts of influence with three accelerates, a pulse setting, and a single-serve function. Ninja also includes two 16 -ounce to-go beakers so you can take your breakfast smoothie with you. The blender’s 72 -ounce pitcher is a good size and it has a form-fitting lid and a nice big handle.

Guides Editor Les Shu has insured the Ninja in action. The multiple sharp-worded blades, while befit of the Ninja name, seem both frightening and ridiculous. When it’s running, the blender is jet-engine loud. But it did a terrific undertaking cutting through frost and fresh pineapple for pina coladas.

Indeed, the Ninja blender does a good job with all kinds of blending needs, including vanquish and pureeing for smoothies, according to the Healthy But Smart review. It’s the perfect alternative for people who don’t want to invest in our top select but there is a need a powerful blender.

In its review, Easy Healthy Smoothie says this blender establishes perfect smoothies and it’s very affordable, considering the power it offers. As for downsides, the Kitchen Gear Pro says the Ninja blender is difficult to take apart and clean, in large persona because of the sharpness of the blades. The lid also has some crevasses that are tough to clean properly. But otherwise, this is a great budget pick. — Kyle Schurman

Pros: Perfect option for creating smoothies at home, good rate phase, offers many different kinds of blending alternatives, works to crush ice, merges many kinds of meat successfully

Cons: Unit’s lid can be difficult to clean, blades are sharp-worded when you take blender apart for cleaning

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