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Convertri and ClickFunnels: two great services that offer high-converting sales funnels. But which tool is right for your business?

ClickFunnels is a great service. Convertri is a great service.

But… which one is right for your business?

In this article, we’re going to discuss the differences between the two services — the features, integrations, price, pros and cons of each — and then help you make the right choice.

And I know what you’re thinking — you’re on the ClickFunnel’s website, so aren’t we going to be biased? Well, maybe a little bit 😉 But we also want to give an honest review of each service so you can choose the funnel-builder that best fits your needs.

Regardless of what you choose, we hope this guide helps you make more sales and build a bigger business.

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TL;DR Overview of Clickfunnels and Convertri

Here’s your TL;DR overview of the above comparison between ClickFunnels and Convertri…

ClickFunnels has been around longer and has a much more established and trusted brand than Convertri.ClickFunnels is a bit more expensive than Convertri ($97/month vs. $53/month), but… you get what you pay for. ClickFunnels is known for offering high-converting sales funnels while Convertri allows you to build and customize sales funnels however you like — you definitely get a bit less assistance with Convertri than with ClickFunnels.Both services offer a large suite of features that can do pretty much anything you want.ClickFunnels has a Zapier integration, which allows it to connect to almost any other software. Convertri doesn’t.

ClickFunnels Features

Easy Drag-And-Drop Visual Editor

ClickFunnels has one of the most powerful (and easy-to-use) drag-and-drop editors in the website-building world. With it, you can choose an element, drag it anywhere onto the page, and edit it. This allows for complete customization of your funnel. But don’t worry — if you’d rather use a proven-to-convert sales funnel template instead, we got you covered.

ClickFunnels' Drag-And-Drop Visual Editor

High-Converting Sales Funnels

There’s a big difference between a website and a sales funnel. The former is like a guideless digital brochure, but the latter is like a carefully crafted experience meant to guide the prospect to conversion. ClickFunnels specializes in crafting high-converting sales funnels that help entrepreneurs like yourself sell more products and build a bigger business.

High-converting sales funnel example flow

One-Click Upsells

Want to increase the average amount of money people spend when they buy from you? ClickFunnels has perfected the art of the upsell — we’ve figured out how to upsell a product in the most high-converting manner possible. After someone enters their shipping and payment information to buy a no-brainer product, that’s when you can add a one-click upsell to increase the value of their order. Now that the hard part is done (entering their information), all they have to do is click one button and finish their order. This gets a much higher conversion rate than any other tactic we’ve seen. This feature comes free with all of our plans.

One-Click Upsell | ClickFunnels

Website Hosting Included

With ClickFunnels, there’s no need to pay for a third-party service to host your domain. You can search, purchase, connect, and host new domains right from your ClickFunnels account. You can even add a domain you already own.

ClickFunnels Feature: Setting up hosting

Beautiful Themes and Templates

When it comes to building a high-converting sales funnel, ClickFunnels doesn’t leave you hanging — the service offers refined-by-fire templates that you can use, plug, and chug. Each of our templates has been tested and proven to convert like clockwork. But you can also purchase hundreds of other funnel templates in ClickFunnels template marketplace from other creators if you’re into that sort of thing — just check the reviews before you buy!

ClickFunnels Template Marketplace

Full Split Testing Capabilities

No matter which sales funnel service you choose, you’re going to want to test, iterate, and test again. That is why ClickFunnels allows you to easily split test any piece of your funnel — change the copy, the button color, the headline… whatever you want, and then test to see what converts best. Then iterate and test again!

ClickFunnels Full Split Testing Capabilities

Unlimited Conversion Tracking

There can be no testing, iterating, and creating the highest-possible sales funnels without easy-to-use conversion tracking. Sure, at ClickFunnels, we’ve worked hard to create the best sales funnels on the market, but still, different things work for different products. That’s why we provide all of our members with mission-critical sales funnel metrics.

ClickFunnels Conversion Tracking

Email AutoResponder Included

Want to follow up with your prospects? Or upsell your customers? Or offer seasonal discounts? With ClickFunnels, you can build an email list and contact those leads with our email autoresponder. If you don’t want to, then you don’t need to go find a different email service provider. You can do it all right within your ClickFunnels account (but don’t worry — if you have your own email service provider, we probably have an easy-to-use integration).

ClickFunnels Email AutoResponder

Membership Site Included

Want to build recurring revenue with a membership site? Or maybe you want to require people to log-in in order to access certain content? You can do all of that with ClickFunnels — no need to track down third-party plugins which may or may not work with your theme.

Easy Shopping Cart Feature

At its core, ClickFunnels helps entrepreneurs sell more products. And what would the best sales funnel builder be without an easy-to-use shopping cart feature? With ClickFunnels, there’s no need to use a third-party plugin for your shopping cart. After you sign-up for a ClickFunnels account and build your first funnel, your shopping will automatically function properly.

ClickFunnels Easy Shopping Cart Feature

Convertri Features

Free-Form Funnel Editor

Convertri offers what it calls a “Free-Form Editor.” Basically, this means that you can customize your sales funnels as well as each page via a drag-and-drop editor. 

Convertri Free-Form Funnel Editor

Conversion Tracking

Convertri also offers conversion tracking capabilities. That way you don’t have to wonder how your sales funnel is performing, you can just look at the metrics. This is par for the course for sales funnel builders, but still an important feature.

Convertri Conversion Tracking

Share and Import Funnels

Convertri’s software allows you to “create whole funnels and send them easily to your business partners – or import full funnels that they’ve created for use in your own business.” Basically, you can upload custom funnels created elsewhere for use on Convertri or create funnels on Convertri and then export them. This is nifty if you’re using multiple tools and need to import and export your funnels to multiple places before finalizing them.

Convertri Share and Import Funnels Feature

Background Videos

Ever see those awesome background videos on a website homepage? Done right, they look beautiful and draw your attention. That’s a feature that Convertri is proud to offer its members. Just choose a video, upload it, and voila — it’ll play in the background whenever someone visits your site.

Convertri Adding Background Videos

Large Font Selection

There’s no need to worry about Convertri having your branded font or not. They have a Google Font integration that provides thousands of different fonts to choose from, and all of them are “cross-browser friendly.”

Custom CSS

Looking to make more customization to your website or sales funnel? Convertri allows you to add custom CSS wherever you like. You don’t have to, but your certainly can if you have the necessary expertise.

Convertri Custom CSS Editor

Mobile Text Scaling

Have you ever created a beautiful webpage for desktop only to realize, after viewing it on mobile, that the text is awkwardly large and clunky? Convertri has a feature that allows you to scale down the size of the text on a page to better fit the mobile experience.

Convertri Mobile Text Scaling Feature

Split Testing

Just like ClickFunnels, Convertri allows you to split test any piece of your sales funnels to determine what works best, what doesn’t, and then make the appropriate changes.

Convertri Split Testing Feature


Here are the easy integrations that ClickFunnels and Convertri offer. These lists aren’t exhaustive but mention some of the main integrations.

ClickFunnels Integrations

Twilio — Use to personalize and schedule SMS messages.Embed A Calendar Into Your Funnel — Use to allow leads to schedule themselves on your calendar. Can use lots of different calendar software for integration.YouZign — Use for hosting custom images on YouZign and then publishing those same images on ClickFunnels.VWO Engage — Use to set up push notifications for your funnels.SalesForce — Use if you want to integrate SalesForce with your ClickFunnels account.Warrior Plus — Use to sell Warrior Plus products in your ClickFunnels site.Disc Delivered — Use to enable automatic order fulfillment when someone places an order in your funnel.Stripe Payment — Use Stripe as a payment integration and send funnel customers receipts directly from Stripe.Kajabi — Use to connect your products in ClickFunnels with membership areas in Kajabi.PayPal — Use to add a PayPal button to your ClickFunnels page and accept payments through PayPal.WordPress — Use to integrate your ClickFunnels account with your WordPress website.Shopify — Use to integrate your Shopify website with your ClickFunnels account.Slybroadcast — Use to send voicemails from Slybroadcast to your subscribers in ClickFunnels.Shipstation — Use to set up Shipstation for order fulfillment once someone purchases through ClickFunnels.Zapier — Use to integrate your ClickFunnels account with any other popular service.ZenDirect — Use to send customer information from ClickFunnels to ZenDirect to ship items from ZenDirect.

Convertri Integrations

Keap — Use to integrate your Convertri account with the popular CRM, Keap.MailChimp — Use to integrate with your Mailchimp email account.ActiveCampaign — Use to integrate with your ActiveCampaign email account.Drip — Use to integrate with your Drip CRM account.ConvertKit — Use to integrate with your ConvertKit email account.Stripe — Use to create a payment gateway.AWeber — Use to integrate with your AWeber email account.WebinarJam — Use to create and host webinars.

ClickFunnels Price

ClickFunnels offers two dead-simple pricing options (we also offer a 14-day free trial!). Our first option is $97 per month and you get pretty much everything you need (unless you reallly want to crush the competition and be #1 in your industry — then consider our Platinum plan). You get 20 funnels, 100 pages, 3 payment gateways, 3 domains, and tons more.

Our Platinum plan is $297 per month and offers unlimited funnels and pages, 9 payment gateways, 9 domains, priority support, unlimited follow-up funnels, and hours of additional training and courses (including Tony Robbins Private Collection, the One Funnel Away Challenge, 10X Secrets, and tons more).

But if you’re new to ClickFunnels, then put your wallet away and try us out FREE for 14 days!

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

Convertri Price

Convertri has 3 plans. Their standard plan is $53 per month and gives you 50 funnels, 500 pages, 10 domains, and more than 45 templates. Their pro plan offers 250 funnels, 2,500 pages, 30 domains, and over 200 templates. Their agency plan offers 1,000 funnels, 10,000 pages, 100 domains, and over 200 templates.

They also have a free trial you can try them out before making a decision. 

Convertri Pricing Plans

ClickFunnels Case Study & Reviews

Check out the video below to learn how James used ClickFunnels to “dramatically accelerate” his business’ ability to get leads and to turn those leads into sales…

Watch the full case study over here!

Third-Party Reviews Capterra: 4.5/5FinancesOnline: 9/10G2: 4.5/5

Convertri Case Study & Reviews

Check out the video below to see how you can easily build a web page using Convertri…

Third-Party Reviews Capterra: 4.9/5KhrisDigital: 4.3/5


Which service is a better fit for your business? Which one builds the best sales funnels?

Well, it depends on how much customization capabilities you want. If you want a lot of ability to edit the CSS and coding of your site and sales funnels and you’re on a tight budget, then Convertri might be the best option. But if you want to leverage proven-to-convert sales funnel templates, customize them however you like, and integrate with almost any other service via Zapier, then ClickFunnels is the way to go.

But why take our word for it?

Both services offer a free trial. Might as well sign up for ClickFunnels and Convertri, test em’ out for yourself, and see which one is the best fit. 

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