The hard and dangerous work of duelling China’s coronavirus epidemic is mainly being to be undertaken by its medics — many of whom live nowhere near the affected areas. Throughout the crisis, reports, videos, and staff members themselves have presented the scale of their own problems: supplies and protective gear are scarce, and the workload is enormous. As many as 1,000 medical staff have themselves caught the virus while treating it. Several have died. On Thursday, 34 -year-old Li Wenliang, who helped firstly heighten alarm systems about the virus and was penalized for it, was confirmed dead. These are the sacrifices that China’s medical employees have made, and continue to construct. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more tales.

Doctors and medical staff are feeling the toll of the deadly Wuhan coronavirus more than anybody except their patients.

As of Friday morning local hour the virus, called after its epicenter in the city of Wuhan, had killed 635 people and infected practically 31,000. As many as 1,000 of persons infected were medical staff.

Some workers who contracted the disease have died. More still are working in almost impossible conditions, without protection of the rights or assets they need to control an epidemic. Here is the status on the soil 😛 TAGENDDoctors in Wuhan, which was placed under a sweeping quarantine on January 24, have been faced with far more patients than they can handle. Hector Retamal/ AFP/ Getty Images

Around the time the quarantine began, one doctor told BBC News: “The hospitals have been flooding with patients, there are still thousands, I haven’t seen so many before.

“I am scared because this is a brand-new virus and the above figures are alarming.”

Early in the outbreak, scientists had not yet realised that the virus could spread from human to human. During that time, many physicians didn’t wear protective gear.

China has relatively little doctors per capita compared to countries like the US, and those it does have are less well-trained.

According to Business Insider’s Aria Bendix, China has less than two physicians for every 10,000 tenants.

Only around 60% have undergraduate degrees and simply about 10% have graduate degrees, a radical gap from in European and North American health systems.

Wuhan’s medical staff were soon overwhelmed. In response at least 6,000 medics from other parts of China were sent in, despite the risks.

These images prove military medics volunteering to go to Wuhan 😛 TAGEND Tweet Embed: // twitter.com/ mims/ statuses/ 12207196058 2137856 0? ref_src= twsrc% 5Etfw Volunteer medical personnel from around China are parting with their families to leave for #Wuhan to combat #CoronavirusOutbreak just before the #LunarNewYear. A very special “holiday” indeed. pic.twitter.com/ ShJBPaz1uB

On January 29, Business Insider’s Will Martin reported that China had had deployed 4,130 medics from other parts of China to Hubei province, which contains Wuhan.

It was in the process of increasing the figure to 6,000, according to the country’s National Health Commission.

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