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I tracked my food for a week to see if there were any foods hiding surprising amounts of sugar.
While I expected some snacks like processed protein bars to be high in added sugar, I had no idea just how much was hiding in my home-cooked meals.
I ended the week shocked to find the seasoning I use religiously was full of sugar, and that my beloved honey-roasted carrot recipe had the same amount of sugar as a Hershey’s chocolate bar

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I think I generally eat well. I cook most of my meals and stick to as many simple, affordable, and fresh ingredients as I can find.

But I decided to track my sugar for a couple of reasons. I wanted to understand my total sugar intake and find exactly where sugar was hiding, especially in my home-cooked meals. I also wanted to better understand my sugar cravings to see if there were any bad snacking habits I had to break.

Of course, there are different types of sugar. While natural sugar and added sugar are still both sugar, when you eat natural sugar in fruits and vegetables, you’re also consuming other minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. You’re also consuming fiber, which allows your body to digest sugar slower so you don’t crash. On the other hand, added sugar can lead to crashes in energy, and eating too much of it can lead to negative health effects. I wanted to take a look at all of my sources of sugar to understand where they were coming from.

I used MyFitnessPal to clock the amount of sugar in each ingredient or food religiously, but unfortunately the app did not separate natural from added sugar so I did that manually. In the end, I was shocked to realize that some of my go-to recipes were harboring huge amounts of sugar.

Keep reading to find out the sneaky foods that were loaded with sugar. 

Monday: Breakfast was two pieces of avocado toast.
Caroline Fox/Insider

The Insider kitchens are fully stocked with snacks, including avocados, so I started my week off with some avocado toast. I ate two slices of wheat bread from Trader Joe’s and about three-quarters of an avocado. 

Bread: 2g sugar

Avocado: 0.7g sugar


Monday: Lunch was a home-cooked meal covered in my go-to seasoning.
Caroline Fox/Insider

I try to pack my lunch most days because I really enjoy cooking, plus, it saves me money. I kept things simple today with a meatless sausage from Trader Joe’s, roasted asparagus, and brown rice.

You’ll soon realize that I coat almost everything I cook in one seasoning: Eat Barbecue Zero to Hero Sweet Rub. It’s a sweet and spicy combination that I swear by, usually mindlessly shaking it on everything. Once I started tracking my sugar, I quickly realized that it is loaded with added sugar. No wonder I am addicted. 

Asparagus: 4.8g sugar 

Zero to Hero rub (1 teaspoon): 4g sugar

Soy sauce: 1g sugar

Italian sausage-less sausage: 1g sugar

Olive oil and brown rice: 0g sugar

Monday: My first snack of the day was a single clementine.
Caroline Fox/Insider

I grabbed a clementine from the office kitchen as a quick pick-me-up. Of course, it was packed with natural sugar.

Clementine: 7g sugar

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