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President Donald Trump trolled Tom Steyer after Tuesday night’s Democratic primary debate, sharing a video that was misleadingly edited to suggest the hedge-fund billionaire was warning that a Democratic victory would have massive economic fallout.
The president retweeted a clip of Steyer saying, “Democrats are going to destroy the economy in 15 minutes if they get in control.” The quote was taken out of context, however, as Steyer was paraphrasing an argument he said Trump was making.
“I agree with him on this, 100%,” Trump commented.
Steyer tweeted in response: “Read the transcript. It’s actually perfect. I said you’re a fraud and a failure — and I’ll expose you. Now go to bed.”
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President Donald Trump shared a misleading video trolling Tom Steyer after the Democratic presidential candidate quoted Trump during Tuesday night’s primary debate.

In the early hours of Wednesday, the president retweeted a clip in which Steyer said, “Democrats are going to destroy the economy in 15 minutes if they get in control.”See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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