Weak data used to send stocks down but the promise of never-ending cheap money from central banks means the only way is up

With one day of trading to go, 2019 is on course to be one of the strongest in its own history of financial markets after shares around the world racked up record after record in another barnstorming year.

On Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average has been an increase virtually 25% having reached record highs day after day, while the broader S& P500 is up 30% and the tech-heavy Nasdaq has grown 40% in appreciate. The FTSE1 00 in London is close to its record high-pitched, as is the Dax3 0 in Germany. In the Asia Pacific, the Nikkei is up 15% while Australia’s ASX2 00 is still close to its highest ever degree( been achieved in November ).

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Australia’s stock market is within 0.2% of an all-time high. Might get there today. So excited

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Recession gets priced out by a inventory rally for the record books. Very big-hearted times in markets rarely come right before recessions. Research detects inventory returns contribute S& P earnings by a quarter. https :// t.co/ pm0AfIWXze pic.twitter.com/ sMqXjTLxH1

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