Panera plans to have at least half of its menu be made up of plant-based provides, CEO Niren Chaudhary told Business Insider. The alteration is being driven by customers who are attempting to eat less meat, due to concerns tied to animal welfare, nutrition, and climate change issues. “Consumers are more and more knowledgeable, ” about climate change, said Panera’s vice president of wellness and food policy Sara Burnett. “I think in an earlier period than plant-based, but I think that that’s actually going to become a bigger motivation for consumers over time.” Currently, 25% of Panera’s menu items is meat-free. Sign up for Business Insider’s retail newsletter, The Drive-Thru, to get more tales like this in your inbox. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more tales.

Panera wants half of its menu to be plant-based, as customers trench meat and climate change molds strategy.

CEO Niren Chaudhary told Business Insider that, over the next several years, Panera plans to have at least 50% of its menu be made up of plant-based provides. Chaudhary said the company plans to have plant-based innovation in all categories in 2021. See the rest of the tale at Business Insider

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