Guest Posting: The Ultimate Guide for Marketing Writers

Blogging is the heart of any content marketing strategy. Producing your own original content showcases your voice, your knowledge develops trust among your readers and stances you as more than a service provider: it gives your company a personality and your novelists as experts.

Once you’ve mastered blogging, guest posting is the next natural stair and will do wonders for house your site’s authority and its relation with other stores.

But like any other skill, it takes practice and a honed approach to fasten the best guest posts.

Here, we’ve put together a captain guide to guest posting. It includes 😛 TAGEND

Why to devote time to guest posting How to craft the perfect tone What to avoid in your pitchings Guest post etiquette


Reasons to guest post

With jam-pack to-do rolls and more than can be done in a period for any marketing team as is, it can be difficult to mentally justify creating content for someone else’s site.

And make no mistake, guest posting undoubtedly takes extra try. For particularly high ranking blogs, discovering a topic they’ll accept necessitates combing through their repositories, planning a roll of topics and then writing a piece that fits their guidelines.

You might be wondering if guest posting is worthwhile as part of your marketing strategy.

Short answer: yes.

Securing guest posts on other high quality websites that exist in your industry can help raise your profile and boost your website’s rankings. It 😛 TAGEND

Showcases your expertise Develop your social media following Exposes your work/ product/ service is a brand-new audience Increase your website’s domain authority through backlinks( especially with websites with a higher DA) Strengthens your network with other outlets

Moreover, it carries all the benefits that blogging for your business does.

If you’re brand-new to guest posting, as an independent freelancer or as a content writer, we’ve put together a steer for guest posting.

Good Cold Pitches

Before you can write your stellar guest post, the first step is getting it accepted. And that signifies getting in with the editors.

If you don’t have a personal connection, you’ll need to go the road of the cold tar. If that seems scaring to you, don’t worry! Most guest posts go through cold-pitching.

A good cold pitching 😛 TAGEND

Shows You Know the Blog

You can establish great time sending out the same generic email to everybody, but an editor will be able to tell if “youve had”.

Marketing blogs each have specific niches, voices, specializations and personalities.

The editors speaking your blogs are likely the same ones who invest hours poring over the subject lines, SEO and images you see on the websites you’re aiming to get your words on. They’ll be able to tell if you’ve seen their work.

While you don’t have to go as far as naming your top 3 favorite posts and listing why, you should at least demonstrate that you’re familiar with the topics each website prefers to talk about, or their target audience.

Evidences Your Expertise

With droves of writers transmitting generic emails, editors want to know they’re allocating articles to novelists who know their topic.

State if you work for a company that works in the same industry; if you have relevant articles that you’ve written previously to show you can handle a similar assigning, send them along; if you have an original degree you want to build, nation it and back it up( preferably in a few cases convicts .)

Nation What You Can Offer

Can your company offer original research? Can you get on-the-ground insight that their novelists might have difficulty accessing? Do you have a bunch of great ideas that are exactly what their target audience is interested in?

Let them know!

If you’re fasten for notions on how to frame your knowledge in a catchy blog post, here’s an infographic on 12 brilliant hypothesis for blog posts.

Get to the Point

This may seem like a lot but the final secret of a great cold pitch is saying all this…in as little time as possible.

To show you know their blog, you don’t need to do an in-depth literary critique: personalize your email( if possible) and give blog topics that are fresh, relevant and that they haven’t encompassed.

To show your expertise, you don’t need to attach your resume: a few connects or stating your experience in the industry may be social proof enough.

A cold pitching we desired:

Guest Posting: The Ultimate Guide for Marketing Writers

Not-So-Great Cold Pitches

Just as there are great cold pitchings, there are also terrible ones.

Are Generic( Or Wrongly Addressed)

Greetings content!

If you’re sending a tone to person or persons, double check you’ve spelled their identify right. First identifies are often permissible in the blogosphere, but don’t use nicknames.( E.g. if their epithet is’ Daniel’, don’t use’ Dan’ .)

If you have to send a pitch to a generic address, “Hi Company Name” is okay at a pushing, but if you’re going to go with a generic greeting, ensure the rest of your email demonstrates you’re familiar with the specific blog.

Make Editors Doubt Your Authenticity

Generic statements about being an avid reader of the blog( without ever mentioning a person’s name, or the blog itself ), are a bright red flag for editors.

If you don’t have previously published clips, don’t claim to. It’s much better to say you’re trying to build up your portfolio and send a sample article or offer to write a draft for their consideration than to ridge that you’ve written before.( Remember: a quick google “re going to tell” any curious editor everything they need to know .)

Make Editors Doubt Your Ability to Deliver

For a very busy editor, even tiny mistakes can be your pitch’s direct ticket to the ‘deleted items’ folder.

If your tone is riddled with typos or grammar blunders, your editor is going to assume your piece will be too.

If the email is addressed to someone from a different corporation, they’ll delete it before they hit the second line.

Proofread, proofread, proofread.

Guest Post Etiquette


Like any good guest, there’s good manners. Editors don’t merely recollects the quality of your writing, they recollect how much they liked working with you.

If you want to make a really stellar notion, here’s a few arrows on the less editorial elements of guest posting.

Wait — minimum — a week to follow up( but expect it to take much more time than that at major marketing blogs ). It’s frustrating when you’re ramped up and aroused to see a byline “ve been coming” ,, but the timeline for blogs can be short or very long.

Editorial dockets are subject to a number of factors, and often outside of the editor’s control: don’t harangue editors to get your post up or to get you a sooner date. We’ve waited for up to 6 months to have a blog published.

Edits are a part of the game. If you’ve sent in a post you think is perfect, it might be hard to see a published version appear with entirely new sentences or terms in it, but that’s to be expected!

Each marketing blog has their own predilections and their own distinct reasons for their style choices, and it’s very rare that the draft that’s sent in will be the final version that appears on site.

If it’s overly promotional, expect it to be axed. Most homes will have guidelines stating how many promotional connects they’ll allow you, but if they don’t, be careful not to stir your part too promotional.

The emphasis on guest post is on the word ‘guest’, and like any guest, your focus should be on being considerate. Provide value for the site’s readers, fit into their guidelines, and don’t name-drop. Use links to your website sparingly or only when they serve to really prove a point.

The blog should promote your article, but it helps if you promote it too for peak leveraging. If you want to be a repeat writer for a blog, aid funnel positions to their site by sharing on your social channels.

Keyboards at the ready

Grab our downloadable sheet on homes to the top marketing blogs that accept guest positions and their guidelines, as well as cold pitch templates to help you get started!

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