Turkey is in the oven, and our Black Friday marketings are up and running, which means one thing.

It’s time to sit back and reflect on the last year.

Whether you are a digital marketing veteran, or are just starting out, there is probably something you have learned of suffered this year that has really made an impact.

To find out just what those things are, we reached out to our Lab community in DM Engage to see what about digital marketing they were most thankful for.

And there were a few really great responses we thought we should share.

What Are YOU Thankful For?

John Snippe writes about what he is most grateful for in digital marketing, which is the DigitalMarketer team and the effect they've had on his mindset

John Snippe responded with:

“I guess I’ll answer with some specificity: I am grateful for what the DigitalMarketer team has done for my mindset as regards approaching the whole marketing thing. I now have an awareness of the requisite psychological initiations and some idea of how to use them to help potential patrons are becoming ever more receptive to my message. I had the wrong’ me’ in the driver’s seat: I now know that’ me’ is the prospect , not the product or the company. So: thanks, people !! ”

No, thank YOU John.

Rich Cook writes a Facebook comment talking about how he's grateful for the bright minds who find marketing fun

Rich Cook also submitted a response, saying 😛 TAGEND

“I’m thankful for all the bright minds who find marketing fun and dig into the deets to test and figure it all out.’ Cause that ain’t me. Without the revelations and commentaries from everyone in this group, I’d be lost. And probably back at a corporate chore hating life. As it is, I can tap into the collective wisdom of the group and appear smarter than I genuinely am.”

That’s exactly why we have our DM Engage Community. Everyone’s marketing strengths are different, but when you get a wonderful group of people together, we all get to help one another out.

Maria Hoath Peagler shares her gratitude for the impact she's able to make on her clients' businesses through digital marketing

We had one more amazing submission, something that I think everyone on the DM team can agree with, from Maria Hoath Peagler 😛 TAGEND

“I’m grateful about the impact digital marketing allows me to have on my clients’ industries. My work is not just about a sales funnel, but about enabling my clients to do what they love, employ a talented personnel, support their families, and in turn, make a difference in their own clients’ lives.”

I candidly couldn’t have said it better myself.

What Are WE Thankful For?

This Engage post got me thinking.

It can be really easy to sink into the “work work work” mindset and lose sight of the wonderful marketing wood around us. But if there’s one thing that helps me step back and reset my perspective, it’s thinking about the things that I am thankful for.

So what would the DM team say if I asked them what they were thankful for?

I asked around the office to find out. And candidly, reading all of the responses( shown below) got me a little teary eyed.

We’ve got a LOT to be thankful for here at DM.

Sophia Lopez, Director of People& Culture:

“I’m not customer-facing, but I get to work directly with the great people that responds to our clients. I am pleased to see that I get to come to an office filled with people that truly present a damn about one another, our corporation, and of course our patrons. We aren’t perfect, and there are tough days/ seasons.

But I’d 100% instead spend a tough season with our amazing team members instead of a perfect period with people who are simply collecting a paycheck. So grateful for this team! Keep on being gumpy! ”

Matt Shelar, Promotions Manager:

” In a hour where vanity is at its most rampant, I’m thankful that DigitalMarketer’s average customer is the type of person who’s humble enough to raise their hand when they don’t understand something.

The willingness to be vulnerable in the pursuit of knowledge is admirable and rare. And if “youve had” the modesty to put yourself out there when you don’t have the answer, I’d love to see what you bring to the world when you do .”

Katie Zieber, Product Editor:

“One of my favorite things about working at DM is getting to read the shout out from our clients that get screenshot and posted in our crew Slack channels … I feel so lucky that I get to create products that serve a community of people that are so vocal about the impact our products have on their business. It’s the best motivation I could ever ask for! ”

Ben Griffin, Lead Copywriter:

“DigitalMarketer clients might have the best sense of humor of any customer base I’ve ever worked with. And that is a truly beautiful thing that I am eternally grateful for. It’s a privilege to get to write to a group of people that not only giggles with us and at us, but exemplifies our core values as much as we do. Take it from me … that’s not very common.”

Doug Bloom, Video Production Manager:

“I’m thankful to have a bunch of bozoes in agency who are always play to jump on camera and execute whatever silly suggestion I have.”

Maya Hughley, Content Coordinator:

“I’m relatively new to the DM team and I’m so thankful that I get to be the’ silent but present’ moderator on Insider Training every week. There’s nothing better than helping our attendees find resources and answer their questions and getting a’ thanks Maya! ’ in response.”

Matt Douglas, Content Manager of Product:

“I’m thankful I get to work at a company that has an impact on people’s lives and industries. Before coming to DM, I worked in my parents’ small business, and I know firsthand the challenges of owning your own business. It’s not all about defining your own hours, being your own boss, and sipping pina coladas on the beach. Far from it. As a business owner, you’re working long hours as it all stops with you–you’re responsible for the health of the company and your employee’s subsistences.

Having the privilege educates and processes is key to growing your business without the stress and overwhelm that can come in the day to period of passing a business. Which is why it’s so rewarding to see our customers’ feedback and testaments, how it’s positively impacted their lives and businesses’ bottom line. I’m proud and humbled I get to play a small part in their success.”

Justina Fenberg, Community Manager:

“As Community Manager, I’m in an unbelievably unique stance where I get to watch DM Content impact people’s lives and firms. AND I then get to see how our members take that knowledge and pass it on to help other members who are feeling fasten and overwhelmed.

It’s a exhilaration to watch our Community create its own story, all the while encouraging and supporting each other in the process. Whether that’s through educational institutions they get inside Lab or not, I am thankful for how our members construct each other up and contributes to constructing DM not just a region to learn, but a place to grow and connect.

There’s no way any of us would be here without our members, and they are the reason why many of us is of the opinion that coming to DM everyday isn’t genuinely a’ task, ’ but instead an opportunity to collaborate on something that really is relevant to businesses.”

Garrett Cannon D’Entremont, Sr. Partner Success Manager:

“I’m thankful for the community of entrepreneurs and marketing experts that we have created in the Partner Program. I’ve never met a group of people that are quite so devoting of their occasion, vitality, and expertise in the pursuit of growth and learning every day.

I’ve seen companies skip over a common obstacle in a heartbeat that would normally take a business owner 6 months to overcome. The altruism of local communities is unparalleled, and I am so thankful to call these beautiful people my tribe.”

Jenna Snavely, Content Manager( Production ):

“I get the privilege of speaking to our patrons often, online and in person, and I adoration their fervour for changing their own customers’ lives, how freakin’ smart they are, and their willingness to jump in and do the task. Likewise, their GIF game is strong, and our community is full of truly humorous humans.”

Justin Rondeau, General Manager:

“I’m thankful that I get to work with and conduct an incredible team of high musicians that come in day-in-and-day-out with a single focus 😛 TAGEND

Creating the best marketing training to help industries develop!

If it wasn’t for their try, we’d have no chance in constructing sure that the best businesses and products win … not only very best marketer.”

Shannon Goodell, Social Media Manager:

“I’m thankful to work at a company that allows me to create and experiment a variety of content and tactics on social media to see what works best for our target audience. Not a lot of corporations give you the leeway that DigitalMarketer does.

I’ve also had the privilege of being able to share my findings with our clients( blog posts and Office Hours ), and I hope that they’ve determined what I’ve learned helpful for their own social media strategies. It always brightens my period when our clients take the time to interact on our posts by providing prized insights.”

Amanda Powell, Director of Marketing:

“I’m thankful I get to come in every day and work with a crew of passionate people who strive to help our clients. The personnel here at DigitalMarketer are some of the brightest and more enthusiastic people I’ve ever is collaborating with. And when that vitality is funneled into helping our customer base through content, social media, email, and more, it’s truly a sight to see. AND it’s extra special when we get to witness the impact we’re making on businesses of all sizes.”

Kevin Kramer, Director of Product:

“I’m thankful for the privilege of working day in and day out with an incredible team of decorators, developers, content creators, and marketing masterminds. They are truly the best of the best. Without their hard work and’ give a damn’ we wouldn’t have the opportunity to change the lives of business owners and entrepreneurs various regions of the world both personally& professionally.”

Byron Dickard, Customer Care Manager:

“I’m thankful that this organization’s firstly core value is to love, protect and respect our patrons. That ideology imbues the whole company! Getting to be in a customer-facing role within an organization like this means that I have the full subsistence of this corporation to do whatever I is capable of being attain our customers’ day! ”

Like Engage member Maria said above, knowing that DM is helping business owners succeed and thrive every day is really amazing. And having a fantastic team to work with toward that goal is even better. But just getting to interact with all you lovely marketers is a joy in and of itself.

And it seems like it’s a feeling that is shared across the board at DM.

So if I had to pick just one thing that I’m thankful for this holiday season, it would be …


The wonderful readers and patrons we work to serve every day. You all induce the whole thing worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving, and Best Wishes from the whole DM Team.

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