The usage of animation is among the very best methods to make your site stick out. It can call and charm users attention to your most essential material when wisely carried out.

Of course, web animation has actually been around for many years. It’’ s actually taken off with the spread of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Including motion to your website has actually never ever been much easier –– or looked much better.

Among the most interesting and effective tools for developing animation is the GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) . It is understood for its code-based method and the capability to develop some extraordinary unique results.

Today, we’’ ll cover the essentials of GSAP. We’’ ll describe what it is and why you’’d wish to utilize it over other strategies. Plus, we’’ ll reveal you some examples of what it can do. Let’’ s begin!


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.Animation Through Code.

At initially, it might sound counterproductive. Animation is a highly-visual art. Why would we desire to develop this through code, rather than a standard GUI-based tool? And what benefits does it have more than great old CSS3 animation that has been developed into the requirement?

Here is why GSAP might be your finest option for producing animation:

.It Works with the Elements Already on Your Page.

Virtually any aspect on a page that can be accessed through JavaScript can be animated through GSAP. It doesn’’ t need you to develop a different canvas simply for animation. CSS components, SVG images and even JavaScript things can be controlled. This permits you to get up and running quicker.

.Compatibility Is Built In.

GSAP has actually been evaluated throughout all the significant web internet browsers –– consisting of tradition fare such as Internet Explorer. All of the browser-related tweaks and alternatives have actually currently been developed into the platform. You won’’ t have to produce your own hacks to get things working throughout the board. This has actually all been provided for you. If something’’ s not supported by a specific internet browser, it ““ calmly ” stops working and won ’ t produce mistakes.

Meanwhile, GSAP likewise plays perfectly with a range of JavaScript structures and other innovations. You can feel totally free to utilize it in combination with React , Vue or jQuery. Basically anything you’’ re currently using on your site is most likely to be suitable.

.It Uses Familiar, Easy to Learn Syntax.

In addition to supporting CSS ids and classes, GSAP likewise permits you to design animations utilizing typical homes. Formatting your code is a familiar mix of JavaScript and CSS. It even supports hex colors.

.Quick Performance.

Optimization is among the essential advantages of utilizing GSAP. It uses a mix of HTML5 and JavaScript to permit exceptionally smooth animation. Assistance for hardware velocity indicates that you’’ ll get piece de resistance – even on slower gadgets. You can take a speed test to compare it other animation strategies such as jQuery and basic CSS.

.Fine-Grain Control.

When you begin to check out GSAP, you might discover how detail-oriented it is. There is a big choice of integrated functions that you can utilize to develop practically any kind of animation. You can, for example, select to series numerous animations in a row and even randomize them. Which’’ s not even starting to scratch the surface area of what’’ s possible.


The paperwork is deep and there are a lot of code examples you can utilize to start. To get a much better understanding of what GSAP is capable of, this initial video provides some great presentations:

.There Are Plenty of Extras.

The GSAP core bundle (which is totally free) is needed to start –– and it’’ s plenty effective. There are likewise a number of readily available plugins that can assist you do more. There are plugins for jobs like changing aspects, carrying out physics and aesthetically drawing movement courses.

It’’ s worth keeping in mind, nevertheless, that plugins are just offered to paying members of ““ Club GreenSock ”. This offers unique access to both the plugins and extended business licensing .

Plus, functions are continuously being contributed to core. Version 3 , for instance, provides a streamlined API, staggered tween animations and default animation residential or commercial properties, among others.

.GSAP in Action.

Now that we understand a bit more about what makes GSAP such an engaging choice, let’’ s take a look at some examples of what it can do.

The fantastic aspect of each of the following bits is that they are hosted on CodePen. You can feel totally free to study them, fork them and get a much deeper understanding of how whatever works.

.Deconstructed Advanced Staggers Grid.

See the Pen GSAP 3 Deconstructed Advanced Staggers Grid by Pete Barr ( @petebarr ).on CodePen .

.Crinkled Variable Font.

See the Pen GSAP 3 &&ETC Crinkled Variable Font by Pete Barr ( @petebarr ).on CodePen .

.Easy Camera.

See the Pen Simple Camera by Blake Bowen ( @osublake ).on CodePen .

.GSAP 3 Radio.

See the Pen GSAP 3 Radio by Kasper De Bruyne ( @kdbkapsere ).on CodePen .

.MotionPath Distribute.

See the Pen MotionPath Distribute GSAP 3.0 by Craig Roblewsky ( @PointC )on CodePen .

.Heart beat 3.0.

See the Pen Heartbeat 3.0 by Chris Gannon ( @chrisgannon ).on CodePen .

.Squiggle Text Animation.

See the Pen Squiggle text animation by Cassie Evans ( @cassie- codes ).on CodePen .

.Cube Walk.

See the Pen GSAP 3 Cube Walk by Pete Barr ( @petebarr ).on CodePen .

.Circle Packed Particles.

See the Pen Circle Packed Particles (GSAP3 + PixiJS v5) by Steve Gardner ( @ste- vg ).on CodePen .


See the Pen DConstruct by Cassie Evans ( @cassie- codes ).on CodePen .

.Effective Animation Made Easier.

When it concerns approaches for stimulating your web jobs, GSAP provides an uncommon mix. It’’ s more effective than web requirements alone, yet it is likewise enhanced for efficiency. With a lot of other libraries, you tend to compromise the latter to get the previous.

This absence of compromise, integrated with the glossy examples above, make it simple to see why many designers have actually embraced GSAP. GreenSock states over 10 million websites are running the software application, and one thinks of that number will just continue to grow.

So, if you’’ re wanting to up your animation video game, offer GSAP a shot. You’’ ll have the ability to work your method up from fundamental motions all the method to high-end results quicker than you might have believed possible.


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