If you’re coding with JavaScript, jQuery should be one of the first things you install. The lightweight JavaScript library optimizes and simplifies core aspects like Ajax manage, animation, event cover, and HTML document transversal- in other words, it attains working with JavaScript a lot easier.

Many developers have released plugins is built around the jQuery framework for free. These can add key features and influences to your website, including autocomplete, file upload, or image zooming.

Ready to install cool consequences and awesome jQuery plugins? Here are some of very best libraries you’re sure to love.

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Example of fancybox

This lightbox plugin can display the various forms of media in a beautiful darkened popup. Besides images and videos, the committee is also accepts custom content like Google Maps and can resize to fit them. Plus, it’s readily extensible with a little CSS and JavaScript knowledge. It’s free utilized to open informant jobs, or commercially with a license.

jQuery File Upload

Example of jQuery File Upload

If you need to add file upload functionality to your site, this little widget has everything. You can upload any type of file with limitless file size, and even plunge them right into the browser.


Example of fullPage.js

Looking for a quick and easy way to create a one-page, scrolling, full-screen website? All the tutorials are here to help you get this library set up and working, with in-depth explanations for every option. Open source projects can use it for free.

Tiny Slider

Example of Tiny Slider

This library may be called Tiny Slider, but it includes dozens of demos, each with its own unique functionality. Fixed widget, horizontal, even lazy loading sliders; test out each demo until you find the one you want.


Example of Select2

Is the default HTML select box not doing it for you? Select2 implements an readily customizable, exceedingly extensible dropdown select box including pages and pages of helpful documentation.

Ajax AutoComplete for jQuery

Example of Ajax AutoComplete for jQuery

If you need to add an autocompleting text container to your website, this lightweight file is the way to go. It takes up practically no room, yet furnishes advanced autocomplete functionality.


Example of Flotcharts

This is more than just a simple chart plugin. While it’s easy to use thanks to the API documentation, it also comes with advanced functionality like real-time plotting and beautiful aesthetics.


Example of pickadate.js

Responsive and customizable, pickadate.js induces creating a date or day selection carton as easy as installing this lightweight plugin. Check out the API documentation to customize it even further.

jQuery Zoom

Example of jQuery Zoom

Image zooming is no longer a hassle with this jQuery plugin. Reinstalling the files and assign it to an image, then hover or click to zoom in. It’s easy as that.


Example of SortableJS

Sortable listings induced easy. Drag and fell to reorder rosters you define, with aspects like cloning, multi-list, or image grids included. For a simple concept, this is a pretty complex library.

jQuery Knob

Example of jQuery Knob

Compatible with mouse, keyboard, and mobile powers, these draggable dials will work on almost any platform. There are all kinds of dials built in that turn and counting in various ways.


Example of iCheck

Light, accessible, and supported on most machines and browsers, iCheck is perfect if you need to implement checkboxes or radio buttons. It comes with 6 beautiful skins built in which you can easily customize with CSS.


Example of DataTables

Tables are never easy solved with, but DataTables attains it a total breath. Merely load it up and throw in a single purpose, and you’ll instantaneously generate a table on your area. Then you can add pages, hunting, sorting, and more. Plus, it corroborates both themes and extensions.

Save Time with jQuery Plugins

With web development, there’s no reason to reinvent the wheel. These jQuery plugins and impacts have already done all the work for you. All you need to do is paste some code in, and you’ll be able to enhance your site with shiny brand-new features.

Most of these plugins are totally free to use. Implement them into your locates and extend them for your own layouts, and shave off what have had an opportunity to days of programming work.

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