REI Adventure

For the outdoor-adventure-minded, there’s no place like REI.
A veritable wonderland of all things outdoors from camping stoves to stand-up paddleboards and sleeping bags, it’s our go-to for a one-stop shop before setting out into the wilds.
Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites from within and without the co-op, and if it’s an experience that they’re after, REI has you covered there, too.

Outdoorsy folk can be a fussy bunch, and rightfully so. After all, this is stuff they, and often their very lives, truly depend upon. Still, this makes shopping for them an endeavor. Would they dangle from a cliff with this carabiner? Are the straps on that rucksack up for the Appalachian Trail? Will these boots blow out in a year or two, halfway up or down a mountain? These are serious considerations one doesn’t necessarily go through when purchasing gifts at, say, Macy’s.

We’ve taken care to conduct a whole lot of testing and research to pull together what we’ve found to be the best REI has to offer throughout its wide array of categories.

So whether it’s for your girlfriend, your father, your aunt, or your grandmother who just happens to be an itinerant adventure junkie, there’s something for all below. And if nothing strikes your fancy, a $20 lifetime REI Co-op membership and a gift card will never do them wrong.

For most items on REI, order by December 20, 9 a.m. PT to get it before December 25.

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A trip of a lifetime

An REI Adventures trip, starting at $659

Through REI Adventures, you can send them just about anywhere in the world they (or you) please.

A coffee maker for the campsite (and maybe home)

AeroPress, $32

Aeropress has such a cult following indoors and out, there’s a good chance this will even replace their French press or coffee machine at home, too.

A reusable silicone zip-locking bag to appeal to their inner hippie

Stasher reusable bag, $12

Appeal to their (and your) inner hippie with this sealable, reusable silicone storage bag.

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