Dr Kevin Bannon on the root of the Caribbean country’s problems and why the US demeans the politician who became Haiti’s first democratically elected president

Haiti’s political and economic problems are of course rooted in its exploitative therapy by the US going back decades and more( How US aid neglected Haiti, The long read, 11 October ). However, since 1990, in both elections and in massive popular shows, Haitians have expressed their desire to be led by Jean-Bertrand Aristide- a sensible, conscientious humanitarian, and democratic reformer and a supporter of the freeing theology move. He has been deposed as leader and exiled twice by pro-US neighbourhood elites because the US frights his influence might originate a regional domino effect; this explains why Aristide continues to be humbled by republican sources in the US. Jacob Kushner’s article attributes Haiti’s woes more prominently to the philanthropy of Bill and Hilary Clinton than even the country’s disastrous 2010 earthquake. More remarkably, the article is without a single mention of Jean-Bertrand Aristide.Dr Kevin BannonLondon

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