United Reporter Tee Shirt Jessica Sidman/Twitter

.A guest on a United flight grumbled after he state a fellow guest using a T-shirt that promoted lynching reporters, in an event that went viral on Twitter and was initially reported by CNBC .The grumbling guest was provided the choice of relocating to a various flight, however the guest with the threatening t-shirt was not faced and was permitted to fly.The episode highlighted the disparities in how airline companies implement gown codes and evaluate dangers on board. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories .When he observed a fellow traveler using a threatening T-shirt, #ppppp> A United Airlines traveler was boarding his flight from Los Angeles on Friday. When he grumbled, the airline company didn’t eliminate him.

The guest’s sibling, Jessica Sidman, a food editor at Washingtonian publication, tweeted an image that her sibling sent her from the jetway. See the remainder of the story at Business Insider

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