Bombardier Opposition 350 from the NetJets fleet 14 Marcin Walków/ Company Expert Polska

.Flying in service class provides more area, much better food, and total convenience, however there’s a lot more glamorous alternative: flying in a personal jet.While the expense of taking a trip by personal jet is rather significant, the service uses a lot more personal privacy, and it’s far more personalized.I flew from Warsaw to Nice aboard the NetJets Bombardier Challenger 350 to see how it compared to flying in company class. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

When it concerns airline companies, the term “high-end” is typically associated with company class or superior travel.

There’s sufficient area —– a minimum of compared to economy class —– the food quality is a lot much better, and you likewise have alcohol available. What more could you desire?

Well, there is a lot more elegant choice readily available to those ready to pay the correct amount: flying on a personal jet.

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Though this can cost countless dollars even if it’s within one location —– Europe, for example —– travelers can take a trip understanding they can take pleasure in the very same advantages that service class tourists, simply with a little additional time, convenience, and personal privacy.

I flew from Warsaw to Nice aboard the NetJets Bombardier Challenger 350, which can bring as much as 9 travelers.

Here’s how flying in a personal jet withstood taking an organisation class flight.

The journey begins prior to the airport. Marcin Walków/ Business Insider Polska.

Less than an hour prior to departure, a black Mercedes with a driver stops on my block.

It takes me straight to the Chopin Airport’s General Aviation terminal —– a little structure far from the terminals utilized by airline company guests.

Each traveler goes through security checks in the fast lane area and there are no lines.

You need to eliminate your belt, laptop computer, bigger electronic gadgets, and liquids however the procedure typically takes 2, perhaps 3 minutes.

.I’m through security with less than 20 minutes to precede our flight is set up to leave. Marcin Walków/ Business Insider Polska.

After security checks, there’s a little wait.

There’s very little to state about the waiting space —– there are some tables, armchairs, and a little, different space.

.The Bombardier Challenger 350 can fly for as much as 7 hours and 45 minutes. Marcin Walków/ Business Insider Polska.

At over 8 meters long, 2 meters large, and almost 2 meters of height from the flooring to the ceiling, the cabin uses sufficient area.

Passengers are drawn from the terminal to the aircraft by shuttle bus —– the shuttle bus are comfy with leather armchairs.

No one examines the measurements or weight of your hand baggage.

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