CSS is a powerful coding expression that can give style and personality to HTML. CSS animations, in particular, are created by transitioning between various CSS configurations over a period of time.

There are a lot of extremely practical instances for CSS animation, such as the ability to animate HTML parts without the use of JavaScript or Flash( while some do implement JavaScript ).

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at 15 lighthearted CSS animation projects to give you inspiration for your next struggle. These are going to be practical applications that have a certain level of whimsy and fun to them. Hopefully, they’re just as fun to work on!

Google’s Game of the Year

Google’s Game of the Year

The Game of the Time animation for Google looks like a fairly simple CSS animation. It features the name text falling slightly, and these components bumping into each other. While there is plenty of code that went into this, the core is animating the spin of the elements after a delay.

Cascading Solar System

See the Pen Cascading Solar System ! by Tady Walsh( @tadywankenobi) on CodePen.

The author of cascading solar system obviously has an eye for humor, identifying his programme so that it also can be abbreviated as CSS. This is an impressive but unassuming animation that simulates the solar system in 2D. The orbits use a scaled rotation acceleration so that they’re all accurate to their real-world counterparts.

Gooey Menu

See the Pen Gooey Menu by Lucas Bebber( @lbebber) on CodePen.

Menu animations are a pretty common use of CSS, and this gooey menu is no exception. This has plenty of little detail, including a slight increase in size when hovering over the button, and then the bouncy, gelatinous animation when the menu expands.

Each individual button then highlights when levitated over. It is likewise a special treat to notice the subtle details. Take note of how the hamburger menu mark breakdowns into an X and transforms back when you close the menu again.

Flying Birds at Fournier Pere et Fils

Flying Birds at Fournier Père et Fils

This winery’s homepage aspects an animation that involves two birds flying across the screen. The process of applying this animation is actually fairly straightforward.

The first layer of animation is to animate the birds flapping their wings, which runs much like a flipbook. The second step is the animated vertical and horizontal path that the bird follows, in order to attain the acceleration and flight path look natural. This is done through keyframe animation. The best part is, this can be replicated across any number of chicks, you will just need to vary the timing a little bit.

Ball Loading Animation

See the Pen CSS loading animation by Patrik Hjelm( @patrikhjelm) on CodePen.

This loading animation is another simple one. It is a vertical pipeline of seven cliques that swing backward and forward horizontally in a seemingly random pattern.

In words of CSS code, each ball has its own short few pipelines of animation. Each projectile has the same code except for the length of time that it takes to move side-to-side. This generates a variation between each element.

The rest of the code defines the keyframe levels, so really it’s just selecting two keyframe phases and varying the amount of time it takes for the cliques to travel between them. While straightforward, this is often all you need for a loading screen!


See the Pen Submarine with CSS by Alberto Jerez( @ajerez) on CodePen.

This CSS exercise aspects a little red submarine roving the seas and oceans. It has several simple enlivened ingredients that come together to make a very pleasing appearing loop-the-loop. This is a lot of keyframing and parts linked to each other, but it’s a merriment inspiration for your own CSS projects!

Circles Loading Animation

See the Pen Animated- SVG Loader by Steven Roberts( @matchboxhero) on CodePen.

Simple loading screens are one of the best ways to show off CSS, and these concentric circles are no different. The code is pretty quick and simple, basically telling the circles to ease in and out of spin at different intervals.

Since the shapes don’t actually vary sizing, and simply rotate around, it’s a pretty straightforward exercise in CSS! And it makes a great addition to any website.

Moving Background Mask

See the Pen Animated- Background Mask by Steven Roberts( @matchboxhero) on CodePen.

At first glance, you might not realize there is an animation going on here. But seem closely, and you’ll envision the colored background gradually gliding down. This is an extremely subtle consequence, but sometimes that’s what CSS is all about!

At its core, this is using masking as you might see in a photo or video editing application. It simply displays the image on the disguised layer, and moves the image along a path.

Flat Design Camera

See the Pen Flat designing camera with CSS animation by Damien Pereira Morberto( @damienpm) on CodePen.

This flat design camera image has a clever concept around it. Press the camera button, and it takes a picture! Well, kind of. The images are predetermined for this code, but the feasibility of establishing more is there.

This CSS project has several small moving personas, such as the flashing red light on the left side, and the animation of the entire asset as the camera “prints” a photo. Overall, this definitely has some practical applications for any photo-related app that might access a user’s webcam.

Pulse Animation

See the Pen Animated- SVG Pulse by Steven Roberts( @matchboxhero) on CodePen.

This is another simple but effective CSS animation. And that’s a trend here! Some of the best uses of CSS are straightforward and simple. No need to get overcomplicated with it.

This one simply sends out a few circles that fade out when they expand to their fullest. It’s pretty easy to come up with and to replicate. So, this is a great place to start for a simple CSS project if you’re looking for inspiration as a beginner to the language.

Bubbling Up

See the Pen Animated- SVG Bubbles by Steven Roberts( @matchboxhero) on CodePen.

This bubble animation is made up of a few factors and animations. The first tier of animation varies the bubble opacity and constructs the image move vertically, so it looks like the froths rise up out of nothing.

The second grade of animation develops a wobbling influence to shape the foams seem more alive and natural. This makes great employ of keyframes, that are actually attain CSS animations gaze smooth.

Google Now 3rd Party Apps

See the Pen Google Now 3rd Party Apps by Pawel Kuna( @codecalm) on CodePen.

This animation is inspired by another designer’s concept that was induced in After Consequence, but this one does it merely with CSS! It’s a cute flat icon battalion that pops into existence and slides out. This CSS code attains heavy apply of keyframes and timing the different elements as they pop in.

It’s basically just the same code for each icon, but time-adjusted appropriately. This is great inspiration for shaping something that is simple overall, but is complex when you threw all the parts together.

Hamburger Menu

See the Pen Hamburger Icon CSS3 ONLY Animation by Dawid Krajewski( @DawidKrajewski) on CodePen.

Don’t let this simple hamburger menu fool you, it’s actually pretty complicated. This doesn’t use any HTML or JavaScript and is entirely constructed in CSS.

What stimulates this complex comes from the fact that it doesn’t use HTML, so all of the shapes in this animation had to be created within CSS alone. From there, there is a lot of keyframe animation to construct the transformation between shapes. This should got to get stimulated to ditch the traditional HTML and try something different!

Perspective Split Text Animation

See the Pen Perspective Split Text Menu Hover by James Bosworth( @bosworthco) on CodePen.

This animated menu lookings simple on the outside but can make a big impact on any website. When you poise over the area, the text modifications perspective to follow your mouse. When you poise over a specific block of text, it gets separate in half.

The animation uses some different techniques to achieve these goals, so it’s a great inspiration as military exercises for practicing some advanced CSS skills.

Floating Ghost

See the Pen ghost by Beep( @scoooooooby) on CodePen.

Let’s end with something fun! This adorable ghost simply floats up and down, indefinitely. The image only eases in and out, up and down, and the shadow underneath expands and contracts. This simple animation is versatile and can be used as a loading screen or just about anything else!

A Moving Inspiration

CSS is a powerful tool in your web designing pocket. Hopefully, these funny and lighthearted animations can invigorate you to go out and establish your own awesome concepts.

Always remember that you don’t have to stimulate something just for productivity’s sake! You can create something just for fun- even though it is it serves no purpose. And who are familiar with, maybe someone else will see it, and become inspired themselves.

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