Rappers, Ball Players, and Artists – Grant Cardone

This is a message to all my rapper friends, ball players, and artists who spend their money on fancy jewelry and cars…

I see so many talented individuals waste fortunes away buying dumb stuff like lambs, rolls, watches, and chains… The problem isn’t buying these things, but how you are buying them.

You should never use earned income to pay for this junk. If you are into expensive liabilities, you should be paying for it using passive income. Thats why the average pro athlete or famous musician or rappers always go broke. Because they used their earned income, which cost them their time, to pay for something ridiculous like this AMG G Wagon I’m rolling in today.

Get your money right, and invest it in things that will produce enough passive income, that you can buy all this stuff and not have to worry about it later on…

“You can fake a Lambo, but you can’t fake your own Gulfstream”
– GC

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