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Have you ever heard of the term ‘digital nomad‘? Or have you met a person who works a full-time job but never has to leave his/her home? 

While waiting for your coffee at a local coffee shop, you may have seen a large number of people with their laptops. 

Are these workaholics who cannot pause from work even when they are outside the office? 

These people, and many others like them, make up the workforce that prefers to work from home or from a remote place. 

They don’t have an actual office space, and the coffee shop on your way to work could be the perfect workspace. Some, however, prefer to work from the comfort of their homes.

In today’s world, there is hardly a person who is not familiar with the concept of remote working or work-from-home. This is not limited to only freelancers either. 

Many companies are allowing the option of working from home to their employees. 

This option helps organizations expand their operations without incurring high costs. But, for many people, working from home can be a blessing full of challenges. Working at home in isolation has its own problems. 

In an office, you can interact with people – talk to them about the bad weekend, whether you should plan a weekend, or about almost anything. 

Also, your manager can help you develop new skills, and some encouragement and appreciation from your boss will definitely motivate you to do better. 

So, are we here to convince you to change into a formal dress, grab the subway, and apply to a job that doesn’t allow remote working? No. But there is no denying that these factors do contribute to the challenges that you may face while working from home. 

Whether you have a desk job or you are working from home, every employee goes through a stage where they lack the motivation needed, although it is not about an appraisal, less-challenging tasks, or things like these. It’s simply that they think that they’re stuck in a loop. 

If you are someone who works from home and is facing difficulty while carrying on with your daily tasks, here are some tips that will help you discover the lost drive. 

Make a Schedule

The biggest reason many people opt for working from home is that they don’t want to have a fixed schedule. 

It is true that working remotely provides people with sufficient flexibility but when this very flexibility hurts your work-life balance, it’s time to fix it. 

When you are at the office, you have a deadline to meet. 

At home, you can complete the work at any time during the day before the scheduled due date. But, if you don’t have a dedicated schedule for work, you will end up working throughout the day. 

This will prevent you from carrying out other tasks as you worry about incomplete work. 

Make a schedule and strictly follow it so that you don’t have to be in the working mode throughout the day. 

If you have a project that requires months to be completed, break it down into various modules and break them further into daily tasks to keep you on track. 

Meet the self-created deadlines so that you have enough time for revisions or corrections before submitting it.

Get Up Early

We know it can be difficult to catch the morning bus at 8 AM to reach the office on time. 

When you are working from home, some companies allow you to start your work at any time. But this doesn’t mean that you should sleep through the entire day and begin working at 1 PM. 

It is a well-established fact that your level of productivity is the highest in the morning. 

Also, if you start work at 7 AM, for example, you can finish working between 3 and 4 PM. 

You then have an entire day to do whatever you want. Getting up early is essential in accomplishing tasks and delivering your work efficiently.

Take Care of the Distractions

While at the office you can easily tell your friend that you will catch up with them once you’re home. But when you’re at home who is going to mind you talking to someone on the phone? 

Besides this, the constant message notifications that keep popping on your computer is another distraction that will keep you from completing your tasks. 

Also, your workplace computer may have some blocked sites and you may not be able to stream shows or YouTube videos. On the other hand, at home, you don’t have these restrictions. 

All these distractions can eat up a lot of your time that could have been spent on something productive. 

Try not to check your social networking sites when working on a project to stay productive while working. 

You also can put your phone on the airplane mode to avoid responding to constant messages of your friends or family. 

Don’t Work in the Room Where You Sleep

Your bedroom is the place where you relax. 

If you are working while laying down on your bed, chances are you’d be tempted to pause your work and lie down for a little while. 

The best way to work is to have a separate area in your house and only use that for work.

Change into Work Clothes

In your imagination, working from home means that you are in your pajamas throughout the day. 

You picture yourself sitting on the couch with a laptop, working on several projects. 

This looks good in your imagination and has no link with practicality. When you dress up for work, you mean business. 

Take a Break

No one can work for a continuous eight to nine hours. You should take a few breaks in your long work schedule to stay productive. 

Take a one-hour lunch break and go out to have lunch to get you out of your home. You should also have 10 to 15-minute-long breaks. 

The Last Word

These tips can help you increase your productivity level while working remotely. Many people have a bad habit of procrastinating work when they are working from home. Following these tips will help you have a favorable work-life balance.

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