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.Flying can be a demanding, aggravating, and even frightening experience for some.We asked flight attendants to share the concerns you must inquire to make sure the best, most pleasurable flight possible. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

Getting on an aircraft gives stress and anxiety for countless individuals.

The worry of flying is apparently the second-most typical fear amongst Americans, and almost one in 3 reveals some level of uneasiness about boarding a flight.

But even if flying does not frighten you, it might raise your high blood pressure for another factor: It’s demanding.

Thankfully, we have flight attendants to keep us safe, address our concerns, and make our flights as pleasurable as possible.

We asked genuine flight attendants for their finest suggestions to make your airline company experience more enjoyable. They stated you ought to ask the following handy concerns when you board your airplane to guarantee a smoother, more satisfying flight.

These are the concerns you must be asking flight attendants as quickly as you board.

Can you assist me keep this? ChameleonsEye/ Shutterstock.

With overhead bins in high need, it’s not unusual for airline companies to lack primary cabin storage area. Ask a flight attendant to assist you stow unique products like your match coat or photography equipment if this takes place.

” On many airline companies the closets remain in the forward cabin, so it assists to ask right when you’re boarding if you wish to utilize them,” Taylor Strickland, a flight attendant with Alerion Aviation , informed Business Insider. “If it’s not the middle of winter season when every guest has a heavy coat, they must have the ability to assist you out.”

Strickland stated closet area is generally scheduled for first-rate guests, so asking nicely goes a long method.

.Will we have turbulence? Shutterstock/Ruben M. Ramos.

Though there’s something called clear air turbulence that can turn up all of a sudden, the flight team usually has a concept of how rough the trip will lead time.

If you’re somebody who tends to get movement illness, that’s something you’ll wish to inform your flight attendant.

” We can offer you a movement illness bag, ginger ale, and ensure to watch on you,” Strickland stated. “The last thing we desire is for somebody to get physically ill.”

.Can I have a cup of warm water? Leonhard Foeger/Reuters.

Use it to fill a warm water bottle, which can relieve pain in the back or warm you up in a freezing cabin. Strickland stated another technique is to dab a napkin in hot water and location it over your ear, which assists ease sinus pressure.

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