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Why do you do keyword research?

It’s to find more lucrative keywords to grade for on Google, right?

But formerly you find these keywords, you still have to figure out how to grade for them.

For that reason, I decided to update Ubersuggest because I wanted to show you what kind of content to create and even how to promote it.

That style you can start ranking for these freshly acquired keywords.

Here’s what’s new…

Content ideas

The way you graded for a keyword is by creating content around it. I know content isn’t king anymore and that’s because there are over 1 billion blogs on the web. That means Google can be really picky about what they decide to rank.

So now , is not merely do you need to write amazing content, but you likewise have to promote it if you want to do well.

To help you with this I generated a Content Ideas report in Ubersuggest. So when you are do keyword experiment, you’ll see an overview that looks like this 😛 TAGEND


Just like before, you’ll see a graph at the top with the search volume over day, some keyword the proposals and, at the very bottom, a index of blog posts that performed exceptionally well for that keyword.

When you click on “content ideas” in the navigational menu or you click on “view all content thoughts, ” you’ll then be taken to a page that seems something like this 😛 TAGEND

content ideas

This page shows you all of the popular blog posts that have been written related to the keyword or phrase you searched.

The list is ordered by social shares, so the posts with the most important one social shares are at the top. At the bottom, you can preserve clicking to see more outcomes. Even if your screen simply presents 1 or 2 pages, merely continue clicking next and you’ll start to see results for pages 3, 4, 5, etc.

We merely testify you 20 answers per page, but each key word are usually have hundreds, if not thousands, of results as our database has over 500,000, 000 blog posts from around the world.

And because there are so many results, we’ve also generated an easy to use filtering system so you can fine-tune your search by including certain keywords or eliminating other ones and even putting minimum and reporting threshold on social shares.


My favorite place about the content suggestions report

I know you can do similar things with Buzzsumo and other tools, but this is why I established the Content Ideas report.

As I mentioned previously, content isn’t king. You not only have to write amazing content( that’s why I sort the content by social shares as more shares generally mean people enjoy it ), but you likewise have to promote it.

You’ll notice that there are two other columns in this report that attain the tool unique … one is “Estimated Visits” and the other is “Backlinks”.


Estimated inspects goes to show you how many inspects the blog post generated from Google each month. Just click on “Keywords” and it will even depict you the keywords that drive those inspects and its own position the section grades for each of those terms.


Backlinks, on the other hand, are all of the refer domains that point to each article. So if 12 unique regions link to that blog post, then you’ll see the amount “1 2” in that column. All you have to do is click on “links” and you’ll see the full list of backlinks.


Not only do I offer a thorough list of backlinks, but I likewise present you the overall page score, realm rating, fix text, and even the type of link.

The reasons I built the Content Ideas report like this are 😛 TAGEND

By creating content similar to posts that have a lot of social shares, it increases the opportunities that the content you are writing is going to do well as people have already shown interest in that topic and even information technology shared on the social web. By depicting you the keywords a blog post ranks for, you’ll know what keywords to focus on when author the contents. This behavior your post can grade as well. By proving you who links to your competitor, you can now hit up everyone who links to compete clauses and ask them to link to your piece of the information contained.

Less fluff and more data

In addition to the Content Ideas report, you’ll now find that Ubersuggest provides you with more data and less fluff when carrying out a keyword query.

For example, if you are looking for the term “dog food, ” it will tell you that the average result that grades in the top 10 has 72 backlinks and a domain rating of 82.

speech bubble

This way, if you want to rank for that term or any other term, you’ll have a rough idea of what is necessary from an power and backlink standpoint to achieve a spot on page one.


If you are going to create content or write a blog post, you should check out the Content Ideas report each time before you write.

The last thing you want to do is generate content that people don’t care about reading. And this report will give you good feedback so that course you aren’t wasting your time creating content that doesn’t produce social shares, backlinks, or rankings.

You’ll also notice that some posts do extremely well from a social sharing standpoint but frightful from a backlink and a pursuit traffic perspective.

Social shares will bring you more short-term traffic and search engines bring you less traffic upfront, but more consistent traffic over time.

This report will help you find a balance so that you can get both short-term traffic and coherent traffic over the long-haul.

So, manager on over and try the brand-new Content Ideas report.

What do you think about the content suggestions report?

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