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.One sticking point of China’s in the trade war is the quantity of United States items the Trump administration desires China to purchase.This is a need that really makes good sense.The United States could not even please Chinese need for items without messing up supply chains or altering production.It would basically alter its economy in methods it is not all set for if China were to purchase sufficient items to close its trade deficit with the United States.

The word from China’s state media is that the nation is making 3 needs of the United States in order to end the trade war.

.China requires the United States eliminate all tariffs on Chinese products.China requires that the quantity of items it should buy from the United States be practical.China requires that its sovereignty and self-respect” be maintained.

Multiple outlets brought this message, consisting of The People’s Daily, Xinhua, and The Global Times. Both the very first point, the elimination of all tariffs, and the 3rd point, the conservation of Chinese sovereignty, are inextricably connected as part of the nation’s settlements with the Trump administration. See the remainder of the story at Business Insider

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