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The television graveyard is full of shows that were buried in their prime. And for fans, no matter how few, it’s always devastating to lose a great show before it’s time.

In most cases, cancellations come down to low ratings. And while many networks would kill for the numbers shows generated while they were airing in the pre-streaming, pre-DVR world, we can’t turn back time (although networks are definitely trying with a host of reboots and remakes over the past several years). 

Regardless, there are so many good shows that were ripped from existence way too abruptly for their fans.

Here are 13 great shows that were canceled too soon.

“Caprica” ended in 2010 after one season.
For those of us who absolutely devoured every episode of “Battlestar Galactica,” this prequel spin-off explaining just how robots came to rule was everything. With a mix of dueling family drama, teen angst, and gamer nerdiness, “Caprica” fits the bill for many of us.
But for Syfy, the bill was too expensive. The ambitious drama was too expensive to justify continuing with the show with its low ratings — arguably a problem Syfy brought upon itself.

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