As the ever-growing popularity of the post-Thanksgiving weekend of sales evolves from marketing buzzwords to a national holiday, Black Friday Cyber Monday mark the unofficial is starting retailer’s better annual one-quarter, one that are commonly triggers off with a bang. In 2017, Cyber Monday spending in the US reached an all-time high of 3. 36 Billion.

As consumers squeeze into the big-box retailers and place an overwhelming sum of online orders, digitally native brands are forced to compete to get items in their customer’s carts.

Why should UGC question for Black Friday?

Let’s look at some hard facts 😛 TAGEND

UGC is now deemed to be a “top marketing tactic”, affecting a shopper’s buying decision by up to 90% . Brand involvement for buyers who interact with UGC( sharing a post, clicking on a associated image ,) rises by 28%. Pixlee patrons have recognized a click-through rate further increase 35% in marketing emails that included UGC. Social proof is real; Consumers respond to authenticity which can provide assurance when making a buying decision

How does this translate to your holiday sales? Lead with your best paw forward; client reviews and visual UGC are powerful tools for any email campaign or web page. Social proof is the key to motivating prospective patrons, particularly during the upcoming flash-sale weekend.

A picture is worth a thousand words

A candid, shared experience helps consumers ascertain the product in their own lives, stirring them more sales-ready. Take online cosmetics retailer Morphe; who uses their 7.9 million( and counting) Instagram followers to extend their presence through promotional emails using Pixlee. Social posts, been issued by Morphe’s clients, followers, and adherents, are embedded in Morphe marketing collateral. This strategy has led to 2x higher changeover rates across the board for Morphe, procuring brand-new the consumers and getting previous followers to re-engage with the label. Your clients will be exposed to dozens of Black Friday Cyber Monday deals. Are they going to take the time to read your marketing pitching, or are they more likely to respond to visual, appealing UGC?

The real question is are you able render to ignore UGC when marketing for this big marketings weekend; considering the impact it can have on Black Friday and the future impact on your label with brand-new adopters of your product. The charm of Black Friday weekend? Your positive reaching is multiplied because the majority of consumers aren’t merely shopping for themselves. The season of affording is the largest retail quarter of the year, and your products can appeal to many more buyers than only your key target audience!

Have more questions? Reach out to the Pixlee team to learn how UGC can work in your marketing strategy .~ ATAGEND

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