Coast Guard drug cocaine offload engine cowling gunshot holeChristopher Woody/ Business Insider

FT. LAUDERDALE, Florida — Formerly the Coast Guard has a suspect ship in its visions on the high seas, there’s generally nowhere for it to go, but getting it to stop isn’t ever easy.

The crew of the Coast Guard cutter James returned to Florida last week with virtually 38,000 pounds of cocaine confiscated by it and other Coast Guard ships in the Pacific. Stacked on some of the bales of cocaine were clear signs of the Coast Guard’s precision.

“So what you see here are some engine cowlings, ” said Capt. Jeffrey Randall , commander of the James, referring to the half-dozen plastic handles roosted on bales of seized drugs like trophies.

“We pair up the capabilities of the ship, the sensors of the vessel, with our helicopter patrol that’s back there, ” he said, referring to the helicopter parked behind the crew on the James’ aft deck. “That helicopter has what we call an aerial-use-of-force ability. So we can hit from the aircraft with accuracy marksman flaming, and we send it at the engines of the vessel to stop the vessels when they fail to heave to.”

Precision fire is a central part of the Coast Guard’s runnings, whether it’s on the open ocean or in US ports and waterways. US Coast Guard/ Petty Officer 3rd Class Michael Hulme Though their area of operation is the sea, Coast Guard marksmen do train on land. US Marine Corps/ Lance Cpl. Nicholas Lubchenko “We conduct educate on the flat range weekly, do various assortment and yard cables, concentrating largely on crackings and movers, ” a Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Team member told, referring to targets that appear abruptly and change position. “Because that’s where your bread and butter is. I necessitate, killing moving targets is it.” US Coast Guard

“The relationship between the shooter and the spotter are crucial. The spotter’s undertaking is likely the more difficult He’s evaluating the factors with high winds, ” the MRST member said. “The spotters responsibility is to actually realise what the wind is doing and give the crap-shooter the correct information so that he can establish that accurate shot.”

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