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Have you heard the saying, “content is king? ”

Well, of course, you have. But establishing more content won’t necessarily get you more search traffic.

You’ve heard people like me mention stats like the average piece of content that ranks on page one of Google contains 1,890 terms .

number of words

But that doesn’t mean writing in-depth content that is 1,890 terms will automatically get you more search traffic. It only has meant that the average web page on page 1 contains that many words.

I bet you are going through the scenario below…

You continue writing content but, for some reason, you aren’t get the amount of search traffic that you would like to be getting.

Don’t worry, I know what you are going through, and I will tell you the solution. But first, let’s come off how content marketing is changing.

Over 440 million blogs prevail

The latest stat I could find on the web is that there are currently 440 million blogs.

But if you consider Medium and Tumblr( and other similar locates ), that amount is surely over a billion because merely Tumblr alone has over 400 million blogs.

So, what does that mean for you?

Because there are so many blogs, it’s going to be hard to drive awareness.

There are roughly 7.5 billion people on this world and the number of blogs is developing faster than the population. So, if you usurp there are roughly 1 billion blogs, that necessitates there is one blog for every 7 and a half people.

That’s way too many blogs!

So why should person read yours instead of the others?

Why doesn’t content marketing task as well as it to benefit from?

Because there are so many blogs, you have tons of competition.

Whatever you are thinking of blogging about, the lucks are there is already person( or tons of people !) already blogging about it. Seriously!

Even if you are planning to write about news and current events, the lucks are some other blog is going to beat you to the story … even if it is by an hour( or a few minutes ).

With there simply being so many popular keywords that people search for, there are now more websites vying to reach the top of the rankings.

Currently, Ubersuggest is tracking 619,718, 788 keywords globally. During the last 30 periods, only 24,593, 402 of them generated over 10,000 searches.

And no matter what popular word you are going after, you are going to have a lot of competition.

For example, I rank on page 1 for the term “SEO”( at the least in the United States ). But I am vying with a lot of areas … 581 million to be exact!

seo serp

If you want to go after one of those 24,593, 402 keywords, you are going to face a lot of competition.

Sure, you can also get a lot of traffic from long-tail phrases, but even those are getting more competitive over time.

How does your content strategy need to change?

As I mentioned above, whatever you are to talk about, probabilities are someone is already writing about it.

When I started my first blog, Pronet Advertising( which no longer subsists ), the first post I wrote was called, “Winning the Search Engine Marketing War .” It was 412 terms long, included no images, and had no links. But “thats been” way back in 2005 and content marketing was much different back then.

If I wrote it today, it would do frightful. Back then I didn’t have a personal brand , no one knew who I was, and the post still did pretty well.

Heck, the standard social canals like Facebook weren’t even utilized by marketers.

Do you want to know why it did well? Because it was new.

Back then, people never read a post about winning the search engine marketing campaign. It was fresh and people wanted to know more. The fact that it was short didn’t matter.

Now, when you write new content, there is a good chance that people have already read something similar. Because of that, why would they want to link to your piece or even share it?

Even worse, simply 8 out of 10 people read headlines but simply 2 out of 10 will click through. That necessitates people feel your content isn’t interesting or that they already know a lot about the subject matter of your content.

In other terms, if you don’t write something new and amazing, it won’t do well.

It doesn’t matter if you induced your content 1,890 terms, bought some social shares, or weaseled your style into a few backlinks … no one will care if it isn’t something original and unique.

Just look at the search phrase” SEO tip-off .” There are 3,630, 000 web pages vying for that term.

seo tips

And almost everyone who ranks for that word is writing about the same old-time stuff. The only difference is how many gratuities they are including in their article.

seo tips content

How do you write new content that’s fresh?

You need to share life suffers. Your life is unique. If you are able to tie your its own experience into your content, you’ll do much better.

If I look at my most popular posts on NeilPatel.com over the last 12 months, here they are in order 😛 TAGEND

My New SEO Strategy: Blog Less, Spend More on Technology My New SEO Tool: Ubersuggest 2.0 Everything I Taught You About SEO Was Wrong We Analyzed 5,860, 631,392 Articles From 64 Countries. Here’s What Facebook Desires ! I Wish I Never Constructed a Personal Brand The Most Vital SEO Strategy I Learned Came From a Google Employee Why Content Marketing Works for Me and Not You The Advanced SEO Formula That Helped Me Rank For 477,000 Keywords

Do you notice a pattern?

They aren’t generic posts like “1 0 ways to double your search traffic” or “how to rank on Google” … each post contains something better … which you already know.

But what else?

If you look at all of those posts, I wrote them more recently.

They don’t grade as high on Google compared to some of the posts I wrote the beginning of this year( or in previous years ), yet “theyre still” the most popular ones because they are unique.

Whether it is data that people haven’t appreciated before or something based on a personal experience that people are able to learn from, the articles that are unique and is simply be written by you are able to perform the best.

In other terms, you have to be original to get desired. Not simply by Google, but by people.

So how do you write unique content that contains data and has personalized narratives?

Here are some thoughts 😛 TAGEND Buzzsumo

If you put in a keyword related to your industry, it will show you all of the popular posts.


Avoid writing another ” copycat” article. If you have a unique perspective on any one of those topics and it is something that service industries hasn’t seen, there is a good chance it will do well.

But it can’t be another copycat section that talks about the same old things that have been talked about a thousand times before.

My favorite persona about Buzzsumo is that it will show you what’s popular during certain time frames.

You can adjust your search to the last month, year, 5 years, or any time range to see how people’s predilections have changed over time.

time filter

By use this feature, you are able to get a better understanding of where the market is moving and how you need to adapt.

Google Trends

This simple tool shows you what’s hot right now. Literally at this very second.


You can even filter the real-time trends per industry.

trend category

Or you can see what’s been popular for the day as well as the number of pursuits performed.

daily trends

And, of course, you can use Google Trends for any country. The above screenshots are for the United States.

If you have a unique perspective on any of these trends or data, you should consider riding the wave and creating a blog post as soon as possible.

Beware, a lot of people use this tactic and the majority of the traffic will be taken up by popular news locates. But if you have a personal experience or data related to the trend or topic then you can do really well.


If you already have some readers, the easiest way to come up with unique topic notions that they will desire is to just ask them for advice.

For example, why not create a free survey applying SurveyMonkey and ask your readers questions like” what would you like me to blog about” or “what would you like to learn” or” what’s the most serious problem I can help you solve ?”

Asking questions like these ones should give you great ideas.

When surveying, make sure you get over 30 responses. The more the better because you can use their text analysis feature to realise what the majority of your readers are interested in.

text analysis

Problogger Job Board

If you are interested in using data and research within your posts to shape them unique, consider hiring someone from the Problogger Job Board.

That’s what I do.

If you already have data, you can find someone on Problogger to help crunch everything and give you golden nuggets for your post.

Or if you don’t, they are in a position meet experiment from around the web and come up with something unique.

I acquired some researchers that are amazing at what they do. They hit up appropriate tools companies within my room, ask students for data, and then come up with interesting insights that deliver value to my readers.

In exchange, the tool corporations get free press, which helps them and, in most cases, they will also share and promote your post.

A good example of this is the post I wrote on Hummingbird. It has a ton of unique data points, and I mentioned the companies that helped me gather the data.

But other people have generic content and do well …

Yes, there are tons of blogs with generic content that rank well. But here is the thing, their content is either old, in which they were one of the firstlies to cover the topic, or they have high-pitched authority.

When high power sites like Huffington Post and Entrepreneur write generic content, it grades because they already have lots of label inquiries, backlinks, and social shares.

If you have over 20,000 brand queries per month( you can see how many “youve got in” Google Search Console )…

brand queries

…and you have also have a domain authority of over 60, you’ll appreciate some outcomes if you write generic content.

I still don’t recommend going the generic road( a lesson I have learned from my own personal experience ), but if that’s what you want then make sure you at the least satisfy those rough guidelines.

At least that is something that I received you need for the most competitive industries proceeding after the English market.

If you don’t have the authority or any brand inquiries, you are able to do well with generic “copycat” content, but you would have to focus on international regions.

There is way too much content for Google to choose from in English. But that’s not the case in Hindi or Portuguese.

If you are open to expanding internationally, follow the tips in this post as it will help you pick the right fields to tackle first.


I hope I didn’t discourage you from leveraging content marketing. It’s still an amazing tactic that has helped me make 1,864, 246 unique visitors a month.


Sure, I’ve been doing this for some years now, but NeilPatel.com is one of the newer scour blogs compared to sites like Moz or Search Engine Land yet I was still able to do well. This is especially true over the last year where I learnt most of my growth.

And the big-hearted strategy I shifted towards was to start writing personalized content … content that contains my life experiences and stories that can’t be facsimile or generated anywhere else.

Even if you are new to your industry, you are able to reference other people’s experiences or tie in lessons you learned from your past as some of those things are still relevant today.

If you can’t do that, resort to using data. People enjoy reading about new trends and strategies as long as you have new data to back up your claims.

So, are you going to write fresh, new content versus regurgitating the same old info again?

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