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Losing your passport when you’’ re taking a trip can rapidly become a real-life problem. There are numerous actions you can take to quickly deal with an unforeseen barrier while preventing significant disturbance to your initial travel plan and travel strategies. Here’’ s what to do if your passport is lost or taken while you ’ re abroad.


Collect up your staying individual files.


Once you recognize your passport is lost or taken, examine to see that your other — individual files are still safe– you ’ ll require them throughout the passport replacement procedure.


Be prepared to provide a copy of your passport if you have one, a birth chauffeur, rsquo &certificate; s license or non-driver ID, and a copy of your travel schedule. If you have aircraft tickets, train tickets, or hotel verification and/or invoices, round those up too.

Get a brand-new passport picture taken ASAP. Flickr/Melanie Holtsman.

Wondering if there’’ s anything you can to do accelerate the procedure after losing or having your passport taken while abroad? Great news: You can act instantly by snapping a brand-new passport picture prior to you go to the nearby embassy or consulate to submit documents for a replacement. This will be a particularly important action if you’’ re in a rush or require to get house rapidly.

Pay attention to the passport picture requirements detailed on the United States Department of State site while taking brand-new images. According to the details provided online, passport pictures need to be 2×2 inches in size and printed in color on matte or shiny picture quality paper. Your head needs to be in between 1-13/8 inches from the bottom of your chin to the top of your head, and you might not use glasses, a hat, or earphones.

Find and go to the closest embassy or consulate.

You’’ ll be needed to change your passport prior to going back to the United States and to do so, will require to check out the closest U.S. embassy or consulate for assistance. You can discover the closest embassy or consulate in the digital, searchable directory site .

Once you check out an embassy and find or consulate, ask to consult with the Consular Section to report your passport as lost or taken; you’’ ll get details about the actions you’’ ll requirement to require to get a replacement.


If you sanctuary ’ t brought a brand-new passport picture with you, the Consular Section can assist you discover a location to take a brand-new one. They can likewise assist you comprehend which forms you’’ ll requirement to submit, what the procedure involves, and’the length of time you ’ ll requirement to wait on a replacement.


If’you can ’ t get to an embassy or consulate right away, you can get in touch with the Office of Overseas Citizens Services at 1-888-407-4747 for information about the procedure or responses to other concerns you may have. In all circumstances, you’’ ll requirement to get a brand-new passport in-person.

.Think about submitting an authorities report. Daniel Tadevosyan/Shutterstock.

If your passport was taken, among your very first impulses may be to submit a cops report. Generally a great concept, this might not really assist you when using for a replacement procedure. It might do simply the sluggish and opposite things down.

Andre Arriaza, the co-founder of Barcelona Eat Local , informed Brit + Co, ““ Only if safe, report your lost or taken passport to the regional authorities. Understand that in specific nations regional corruption may bet you, so much better be familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of the location you are checking out ahead of time.” ”


Have you been a victim of a violent criminal activity? The very best thing you can do is talk to the Consulate Section throughout your go to for particular suggestions about submitting reports and including regional police.

.Obtain a brand-new passport. Flickr/Mike McCune.

With your brand-new passport images in hand, you’’ ll be set to complete the 2 types you require to finish to change your passport. Anticipate to take on a basic application for a United States passport and a declaration relating to a lost or taken passport . The 2nd type will revoke your old passport, which suggests nobody else will have the ability to utilize it.

The Consular Section will have the ability to assist you attend to any concerns you may have about the kinds, along with validate that your passport images are appropriate for your brand-new passport. Anticipate to pay the $140.00 replacement cost on the area.

Though wait times for a replacement passport in the U.S. typical around 6 weeks, you’’ ll most likely get an emergency situation passport within 24 hours so you can return house according to your instant itinerary. You’’ ll requirement to get a full-validity passport as soon as you’’ re back on United States soil.

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