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As near and dear as some tech products are to our nerves, they can’t ever withstand the test of time. Sony Walkmans are hereby replaced by Cds, which were then replaced by iPods, which were then replaced by our smartphones. Go but not forgotten, here are 51 tech gizmoes we miss.

It happens all the time — for one reason or another, a company dedicates up on a beloved product and makes it the “End of Life” kiss of death.

The company stops producing it. It stops substantiating it. It diverts its resources to other chases in hopes of creating something bigger and better than before.

And then, that gizmo we formerly desired is gone.

Whether it’s for strictly nostalgic reasons or practical purposes, here are 51 discontinued products that we miss.

Released in 1971, the PhoneMate 400 allowed twenty contents to be recorded on the machine’s reel-to-reel videotapes. It couldn’t survive the digital age however, as digital answering machines eventually rang in. toptriode/ YouTube

Source: Time

The firstly commercially available cell phone, the Motorola DynaTAC 8000 x, clocked in at 1.75 pounds and cost virtually $4,000 where reference is debuted in 1983. It garnered industry associations with business-types until it was replaced with newer versions. Julien Prive

Source: Time and Mashable

A relic of the late 1990 s, PalmPilot devices were the de-facto standalone handheld organizers before people established the leap to smartphones in the early 2000 s. Toby Talbot/ AP See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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