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Let me tell you a tale.

It starts with me in a inn room halfway across the country, trying to figure out how I’m going to land a contract from a fantastic new make, worth annually $250,000. We weren’t in over our psyches by all possible measures, but the potential patron was emphatically looking at what most would call “enterprise” answers and we weren’t exactly “enterprise.”

Could we fulfill their needs? Hell yes we could — better than our endeavor competitors — but there’s a “re saying that” “no one ever got fired for hiring IBM”; in other words, it’s ever safe to go with the large-hearted people. We weren’t an IBM, so I knew that by reputation alone we were in difficulty. The RFP was dense, but like most SEO gigs, there wasn’t much in accordance with the rules of opportunity to really differentiate ourselves from our competitors. It would be another “anything they can do, we can do better” fulfill which is something we clasp for reasons why we were better. In an industry where so many of our very best clients necessitate NDAs that prevent us from producing really good example surveys, how could I demonstrate we were up to the chore?

In less than 12 hours we would be meeting with its full potential patron and I needed to prove to them that we could do something that our competitors couldn’t. In countries around the world of SEO, relate structure is street cred. Nothing gets the attention of a patron faster than a great relate. I knew what I needed to do. I needed to land a executioner backlink, wholly white-hat, with no new content strategy , no budget, and no time. I needed to walk in the door with more than only a proposal — I needed to walk in the door with proof.

I’ve been around the blocking a few times when it comes to link construct, so I wasn’t at a loss when it came to thoughts or strategies we could pitch, but what strategy might actually land a link in the coming few hours? I started moving prospecting software left and right — all the tools of the trade I had at my disposal — but imagine my surprise when the perfect possibility popped up right in little old-time Moz’s Open Site Explorer Link Intersect tool. To be honest, I hadn’t put-upon appropriate tools in ages. We had built our own prospecting software on APIs, but the perfect relate simply popped up after adding in a few of their contestants on the off chance that there might be an opportunity or two.

There it was:

3,800 root connecting realms to the page itself The page was canvassing submissions Took pulling is asking for submissions on GitHub!

I instantly submitted a request and began the refresh game, hoping the repo was being actively monitored. By the next morning, we had ourselves a connect! Not only any connection, but despite the customers having over 50,000 root linking domains, this was now the 15 th best link to their locate. You can imagine me uneasily awaiting the members of the meeting where we discussed the various reasons why our services were superior to that of our competitors, and then proceeded to demonstrate that superiority with an amazing white-hat backlink acquired hours before.

The quarter-million-dollar contract was ours.

Link Intersect: An undervalued connection house technique

Backlink intersect is one of the oldest associate constructing techniques in our industry. The methodology is simple-minded. Take a roster of your competitors and identify the backlinks pointing to their locates. Compare those indices to find pages that overlap. Pages which link to two or more of your contestants are potentially resource pages that would be interested in linking to your locate as well. You then examine these areas and do outreach to define which ones are worth contacting to try and get a backlink.

Let’s walk through a simple lesson utilizing Moz’s Link Intersect tool.

Get started

We start on the Link Intersect page of Moz’s brand-new Link Explorer. While “were having” Link Intersect in the old-time Open Site Explorer, you’re going to to want to use our new Link Intersect, which is built from our giant indicator of 30 trillion associates and is far more powerful.

For our example here, I’ve choice a random gardening company in Durham, North Carolina called Garden Surroundings. The website has a Domain Authority of 17 with 38 root relating regions.

We can go ahead and copy-paste the domain into “Discover Link Opportunities for this URL” at the upper part of the Link Intersect page. If you notice, we have the choice of “Root Domain, Subdomain, or Exact Page”:

Choose between domain, subdomain or page

I almost always select “root domain” because I tend to be promoting a area as a whole and is definitely not interested in acquiring links to pages on the site from other locates that are currently relate somewhere else on the area. That is to say, by choosing “root domain, ” any area that links to any page on your area will be excluded from the prospecting roster. Of course, this might not be right for your situation. If you have a hosted blog on a subdomain or a hosted page on a area, you are able to want to choose subdomain or exact page to make sure you rule out the right backlinks.

You likewise have the ability to choose whether we report back to you root associating arenas or Backlinks. This is really important and I’ll explain why.

choose between page or domain

Depending on your connection construct campaign, you’ll just wanted to differ your choice here. Let’s say you’re looking for resource pages that you can roster your website on. If that’s the lawsuit, you will want to choose “pages.” The Link Intersect tool will then prioritize pages that have links to multiple challengers on them, which are likely to be asset pages you can target for your campaign. Now, let’s say you would rather find publishers that talk about your challengers and are less concerned about them relating from the same page. You want to find locates that have linked to multiple challengers , not pages. In that case, you would choose “domains.” The system will then return the domains that have links to multiple challengers and give you lesson pages, but you wont be limited simply to pages with multiple challengers on them.

In this lesson, I’m looking for asset pages, so I choice “pages” rather than arenas.

Selecting your contestant sites

A common misconception made at this point is to choose exact challengers. Link builders will often imitate and paste a roll of their biggest challengers and cross their fingers for decent answers. What you really want are the best relate pages and regions in your industry — not inevitably your contestants.

In this lesson I preferred the gardening page on a local university, a few North Carolina gardening and wildflower associations, and a popular page that rolls nurseries. Notice that you can choose subdomain, realm, or precise page as well for each of these competitor URLs. I recommend choosing the broadest category( land being broadest, exact page being narrowest) that is relevant to your industry. If the whole locate is relevant, go ahead and prefer “domain.”

Analyzing your results

The outcomes returned will prioritize pages that link to multiple competitors and have a high Domain Authority. Unlike some of our competitors’ tools, if you put in a contestant that doesn’t have many backlinks, it won’t cause the whole report to fail. We roster all the intersections of links, starting with the most and narrowing down to the fewest. Even though the nurseries website doesn’t supply any intersections, we still get back great makes!

analyze link results

Now we have some really great opportunities, but at this point you have two selections. If “youve been” opt, you are able to exportation the opportunities to CSV like any other tool on the market, but I prefer to go ahead and move everything over into a Link Tracking List.

add to link list

By moving everything into a link roll, we’re will now be able track link acquisition over day( once we begin reaching out to these websites for backlinks) and we are going to be able kind by other metrics, leave tones, and readily remove possibilities that don’t look fruitful.

What did we find?

Remember, we started with a area that has hardly any associates, but we turned up dozens of easy the possibility for connect acquisition. We turned up a simple assets page on forest resources, a potential backlink which could easily be given via a piece of the information contained on forest stewardship.

example opportunity

We turned up a great resource page on how to maintain healthy clay and yards on a town government website. A simple guide encompassing the same topics here is likely to be give a relate from this resource page on its significant website.

example opportunity 2

These were just two examples of easy associate targets. From community gardening pages, websites is devoted to neighbourhood creek, pond, and stream restoration, and general addict sites, the Link Intersect tool turned up simple backlink gold. What is most interesting to me, though, was that these asset pages never included the words “resources” or “links” in the URLs. Common prospecting techniques would have just missed these opportunities altogether.

While it wasn’t the focus of this particular campaign, I did prefer the rotate of “show domains” rather than “pages” that link to the contestants. We discovered similarly useful results utilizing the method used.

example list of domains opportunity

For example, we met had linked to multiple of the contestant areas and, as it turns out, would be a perfect publication to pitch for a story as part of of a PR campaign for promoting the gardening site.


The brand-new Link Intersect tool in Moz’s Link Explorer combines the ability of our new extraordinary link indicator with the complete the characteristics of a connection prospecting tool. Competitor connect intersect continues to be one of the most straightforward methods for finding connection the possibilities and property great backlinks, and Moz’s brand-new tool read in conjunction with Link Rosters makes it easier than ever. Travel ahead and devote it a operate yourself — you might just find the exact relate you need right when you need it.

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