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Although sipping on a cup of tea might seem like a dull experience for your taste buds, it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to add some exciting flavors and liven up your cup.

Here are 11 ingredients you probably never considered adding to your tea that are sure to make you go back for a second cup.

Add ginger for some added benefits.

If you’re dealing with any stomach-related issues, ginger is the additive your cup of tea needs. Ginger has long been used in traditional medicine to treat stomach problems, according to WebMD.

The aromatic, spicy root offers claims of many health benefits, including alleviating stomach pain, improving circulation, aiding food digestion, according to Women’s Health magazine.

Un-peel a ginger root and grate about a teaspoon worth. Then stir the ginger into the cup and either strain it out after it steeps for a few minutes or just let it settle at the bottom.

Mint will make it extra lively.
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Adding mint to your tea will not only leave your tea tasting fresh and clean, it will also leave your mouth feeling that way too. And if hiding your bad breath isn’t enough, mint is also proven to help soothe certain types of stomach pain, according to Everyday Health.

Basil can give you an earthy flavor.
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If you’re looking to give your tea a fresh earthy flavor, this fragrant medicinal plant is the way to go. Basil is said to possess antibacterial and anti-inflammatory compounds, though more research is needed. Most importantly though, it just tastes great.

If you want the strongest flavor, pick fresh basil from the garden, thinly chop the leaves and either let them settle at the bottom of your cup of tea or steep them in the tea using a small strainer for a few minutes before taking it out.

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